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I put my router behind the PACE gateway and set the router as DMZ.  The latest firmware is crapping out my fiber connection where I'm only able to get 50mbps down and 1-200 up.   I thought it was my router crapping out, but apparently when I connect any other device directly to the gateway, I'm able to pull 940mbps up and down.  I swapped an older router and placed that device in the DMZ And it starts acting up and the previous router started working normally.


Can someone look into this?

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Hello again everyone!


No updates as of yet but wanted to let you all know that we're actively working on solving this issue and haven't forgotten about this. The second I have something to share I will absolutely post it in this thread.


Thank you all for your patience and offers of troubleshooting/testing with us. You truly are amazing people.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

@SouthFLGuy44 it was the guy that posted above me that bought one. I'm just a poor soul that just found out from the shipping email that I got sent a 3rd 5268.


Anyone able to give any benefits/differences of the NVG599 over the BGW210? I've got 300 mbps internet and a TV package. All of my own stuff is behind the Netgear Nighthawk X4S so DMZPlus working is more important than wifi on the gateway that'll be turned off. Also functioning IPv6.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

You are going to be running your own network equipment, so both are a wash.  Just get whatever then send you that isn't bugged.  Doesn't matter as it is acting as a "modem" instead of a "router" once you DMZ+ out of their bugged equipment.


So, grab anything non PACE, DMZ+ it, and you are fine.


Or, like I've been saying, downgrade the PACE.  I THINK they are not forcing updates anymore as a "fix", and I'm still getting 300/300 on the downgraded PACE modem/router.  I'm almost a week out on them shipping my NVG599, but I'm back to full speed from a 10.7 downgrade and no forced upgrade thus far.  Still on my downgraded PACE

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Got my NVG599 setup tonight. Was simple and hassle free and the admin pages loaded reasonably fast (unlike the Pace 5268 pages which take eons to load) .


For those still waiting on an NVG599 or BGW210, I'd recommend downgrading to 10.7 as y0bailey has suggested .it's dead simple to do. The link to the proper file and the instructions have been posted by him a few times .The only word of caution I'd give is to give the Pace a solid 20 minutes to fully boot back up .Don't panic and think you've bricked it .at first all you will see is the power light and nothing else for quite a while .Then you'll see power and Ethernet and eventually everything else will come along. But it takes a while .

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

1) Plug computer directly into Pace router


3) upload this file: 


 4) hard reset your router.  Hold the RESET button on the back for a solid 60 seconds, freak out when it appears to die with all red lights flashing, then reboot your entire network.  Things worked out for me just fine...but I was scared for a bit. 

5) NOTE: your settings  on your router will be SO SLOW.  Like 5 minutes to load a page.  Have patience, and setup your DMZ+ again.   It will work, but if you think it should load in a few seconds you will be angry. 


AT&T screwed the pooch, but take it upon yourself to fix it, because waiting for them to send the correct fix is an exercise in disappointment.  

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

@firestorm126 The biggest difference between all of them and the BGW210 is that the 210 does not support MOCA/coax networking. So all the Uverse TV boxes have to be wireless or cat5 with the 210.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Unfortunately the 2nd 5268 I received had the older firmware but in about 10 minutes of being up it updated itself so maybe if you manually downgrade it then it'll stick? I wonder if that'll have ramifications for future updates? Either way at this point I'm debating between waiting out or trying to have a truck roll with a BGW210 or NVG599.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

This is why I don't recommend downgrading firmware.  It's not a true solution since AT&T can auto push an update and you've just wasted your time.

If you want a workaround while still using the PACE, just take router out of DMZ.  Port forward all your respective custom port forwarding that you set up in our router and set it up as well into the PACE and forward to your router's IP.  It will just make the port forwarding like a middleman passthrough.  It still works.  Gateway forward to Router forward to devices.  Might have slight latency increases since it's an extra hop, but I was still able to reach my devices / PLEX server.


Otherwise, just wait for the NVG599 or BGW210 and be done with this issue (until AT&T jacks up the firmware again for these devices).

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

@firestorm126 @deteria


When I downgraded it stuck for at least a week until I got my NVG599.  So I'm not certain that they will keep trying to push the new firmware once you've manually uploaded the older firmware.  But... I do agree with what deteria said - you always run the risk of them doing this so the best solution is to simply get your hands on the NVG599 or BGW210 OR do we deteria said and take DMZ+ out of the equation and manually forward all the right ports (which is a small pain).

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

can confirm effectiveness of y0bailey's method. it takes a lot of time to configure DMZplus after installing the old firmware, but my bandwidth has been restored. Smiley Happy

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

So I got my NVG599 last week and everything seemed great; around 940 up and down with 6 ms latency. But since I've noticed during prime time, 8pm to 12am, I'm getting 65 down, 940 up, and 28 ms ping! I've had a hard time trying to troubleshoot this over the phone. Trying to get a tech out to switch the modem again. What a debacle. Man Frustrated

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue



I've had the same issue for the past two weeks when I noticed my automated speed tests went off a cliff and were throttled to 50Mbps like everyone else.  Really unhappy now that I spent dozens of hours troubleshooting the Ubiquiti portions of my network, even after I had been on a call with ATT support and instead of bringing up a known issue they handed me off to paid support.  Politely saying 'No thank you' did not work with them, especially considering how many follow up calls they had to me.


Anywho, came across the DMZplus issue in my own testing today and should be having a new RG arriving tomorrow.  I'll try to check replies until then if you need specific information before I Office Space that thing (the Pace we do not speak of) in my head and hand it off to UPS.


Model: Pace 5268AC

Hardware Version: 260-2173300
Software Version:


Here are some speed tests I put together while trying to troubleshoot where the issue was (never imagined to check DMZplus since it has just worked for the past two years...stealth firmware updates are annoying).  Also the sudden speed drop off documented early morning Nov 12.  Spent far too long troubleshooting my Ubiquiti USG Robot Mad


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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

I'm thankful that the tech support at Eero saved me hours of troubleshooting.  I'm having the same issue with DMZPlus on my Eero setup.  Only getting 50 down when using DMZPlus.  For now, I'm sticking to a double NAT now and going without my port forwarding needs until a fix is in place.  With Double NAT I'm getting 800+ on my AT&T gigafiber


Taylor (eero Customer Support)

Nov 29, 5:54 AM PST

Hello Jim,

Thank you for the screenshots!

This is exactly what I was looking to confirm. I just talked to a customer 2 days ago that had the same issue. Apparently a few people are having problems after the recent update to the PACE 5286AC on the software version Here is the article:


As of right now I am not sure that they are able to rollback the firmware for the unit. I would recommend reaching out to your ISP and seeing if they possibly could provide a different modem.

I hope this information helps. Let us know if you need anything.

Taylor | eero Support

If you'd like immediate answers to general questions, please visit our Help Center.
Or give us a call at (877) 659-2347 We’re available 7 days a week: 7am – 5pm PT

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

@Nighthog90 Now THAT is how customer service should work.  Eero is and always has been fantastic in that regard.  They pay attention to what's going on and they react accordingly.  I was on the Reddit thread asking about my issue when someone pointed me here.  We all shared the information that we had an apparently Eero logged it with their customer support teams so that they could effectively help their customers.


Compare that to what we have here... it's laughable.  The issue is internal to AT&T.  They caused it and they know about it.  But if you call Customer Support they do not mention the issue.  In fact I'm 100% convinced that 99% of them don't even KNOW about the issue.  From there it just gets worse and worse though because after you demand a replacement RG they will promise you that you will get one the next day and this is where the REAL fun starts!  

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Lost power today and now getting the ~50 down / ~200 up. The weirdest part is I can get 350-400 down if I log in to my VPN. In the AT&T support queue Smiley Sad


Pace Plc


HW - 260-2173300

SW -

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