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I put my router behind the PACE gateway and set the router as DMZ.  The latest firmware is crapping out my fiber connection where I'm only able to get 50mbps down and 1-200 up.   I thought it was my router crapping out, but apparently when I connect any other device directly to the gateway, I'm able to pull 940mbps up and down.  I swapped an older router and placed that device in the DMZ And it starts acting up and the previous router started working normally.


Can someone look into this?

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Thank you for this, @Transponder .


Everyone else, AT&T.router.IP.address/upgrade


O M F G, AT&T !

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

My 5268 recently received the update, but it broke my DMZ+ setup (ASUS RT-88U) that had previously been working. Internet connectivity stopped working for all clients connected through the ASUS router, but they could access the internet directly from the 5268. An inspection of the 5268 firewall log revealed that it was seeing the traffic from my router's IP address as a "TCP flood" attack from *inside* the network and (I assume) administratively blocking all traffic from that IP after a few seconds which effectively disabled Internet access. Had to downgrade to 10.7 to get it working again.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

I haven't been upgraded yet. I had been thinking of manually upgrading but
this gives me pause. thanks for sharing this, hopefully it's a one-off but
knowing how AT&T operates I don't have much hope.
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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

I upgraded and speeds are back to normal in dmz+ mode but then all my wifi calls drop.


Not sure what to do at this point.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Yes all ipsec tunnels seem to be non reliable. Wifi calling works a bit better on airplane mode but still broken. Sms on wifi don't work outgoing maybe 5%.
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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Thanks for confirming. I've gone back to allowing individual applications through the firewall.

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