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Re: PACE DMZ Issue



I put my router behind the PACE gateway and set the router as DMZ.  The latest firmware is crapping out my fiber connection where I'm only able to get 50mbps down and 1-200 up.   I thought it was my router crapping out, but apparently when I connect any other device directly to the gateway, I'm able to pull 940mbps up and down.  I swapped an older router and placed that device in the DMZ And it starts acting up and the previous router started working normally.


Can someone look into this?

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Quick update:  resolved dropped WiFi calls and one way audio after replacing the Pace 5268ac with a BGW210-700


called support, after reproducing the issue with the tech, requested truck roll and BGW replacement.  Swapped out the RG and setup ip Passthrough on the BGW pointing to my router, reset them and reenabled WiFi calling on my mobile devices, and bingo, clear 2 way audio and stable call connections.


thanks to those who recommended this solution.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

TLDR:  confirmed:  replacing the Pace with a BGW210 gets around the 50Mbps DMZ+ firmware bug on the Pace.


So the technician came in today (Sunday) to replace the Pace with a BGW210-700.

The first unit he tried kept alternating between flashing red and flashing green while negotiating with the server.

The 2nd one got a solid green connection.


On the BGW, I turned off WIFI, I turned off IPv6, and I set IP-passthrough to my router.

Then I turned off my router, push the reset button on the BGW, and once it was solid green, I reconnected my router.


ssh/mosh worked perfectly when I tested via cellular.  At home, I was getting wired speeds of 898/790.  Problem fixed.



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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

How exactly have folks been getting AT&T to do a truck roll with a BGW210 to replace the Pace? I've now spent over 30 min getting bounced around from person to person on the AT&T side who had no idea what I was talking about, and couldn't grasp the concept of swapping out the CPE due to firmware issues. Suggestions?



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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Buy one of these: https://www.amazon.com/BGW210-700-802-11b-Wireless-Gateway-REQUIRED/dp/B07BZC72TB/ref=sr_1_1?keyword...

Then chat with AT&T and ask for a credit for all the hassle.  They gave me $50 back (YMMV), so I ended up paying $20 for the modem. It was worth it to me to be done with the insanity. I had 3 Pace modems sent to me. A truck roll with another Pace modem and I was done with the craziness. 
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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

CatHerder, here's what I suggest.


First, let them know that when you turn on DMZ+, you are only getting 50Mbps.  When they hear that you're not getting at least 800-900Mbps, that gets their attention.  Tell them about this 43 page forum thread that discusses the problem.


When they try to ship you a new modem from the fulfillment center, tell them that when your friends try this, all they get are Pace modems with the same firmware that don't work.  I personally had to send 3 back.  There are postings describing customers sending back 8 identical Pace modems.


Then ask them to send a BGW truckroll - that will save time and frustration for everyone.  Otherwise, you will call them every day for every time they ship a Pace modem... ...until they truckroll you a BGW.


The smarter support will check with supervisors at this point.  If not, ask for support escalation - 50Mbps is unacceptable - threaten to leave.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

From everything I've seen the latest 5268 (ver 11.2) fixed the speed issue.


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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

It fixed the speed issues but created WiFi calling issues. So it’s useless to some folks on this thread.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Also, is 11.2 still doing double NAT?  You're lucky that AT&T pushed it out to your modem - they wouldn't/couldn't do it to mine.


If Pace is still doing double NAT, routers like Google WiFi will act very sporadically.  Asus routers will work, but they seem to run more slowly (in contrast, BGW has much faster response, especially through Asus WiFi).


When Google support ran diagnostics and told me double NAT was causing problems, I wasn't clever enough to pinpoint the Pace to be the cause.

But if you read the earlier technical reports in this thread, Pace was found to be source of the double NAT.


The couple of drawbacks of BGW appears to be spotty WiFi (I turn mine off) and a lack of a coax for television (I don't need) - since I don't need either of those things, the BGW works best for me.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

An option if ATT can't push it, just download the firmware and manually upgrade it yourself.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

We just encountered this issue this past week with our PACE 5268ac.  We've had it on DMZ+ and use a Netgear R6400 wireless router and had no problems until now.  Past few days we're getting 50mb/download and 150mb/upload on wifi, and it was very sporadic.  Sometimes I tried a Speedtest and it wouldn't register ANY upload speed.  Wrecking havoc on our gaming systems, too.  We have multiple gaming systems in our house and keep getting disconnected from servers due to Strict NATs and Double NATs.  Even on the occasion it says we have an Open NAT, we still get disconnected.


I tried the work around and got my DL speed back up to 200-300mb/s using wifi, but we are still getting disconnected from servers when playing games (for example my wife was playing Red Dead 2 Online this morning and got disconnected from the multiplayer servers three times).


Should I try rolling back the firmware or getting a BGW?

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

If you want immediate results, you can try downloading the firmware and installing it yourself.


The drawbacks are:

1. If AT&T does a firmware update across all users, you're wiped and will have to reinstall (like whack-a-mole)

2. There may be other issues that the firmware update doesn't address (eg double-NAT, dropped WiFi-calls etc...)


In the big picture, Arris (the maker of BGW) has bought Pace (the company) and iirc, I remember reading that the Pace modem is a few years behind the BGW.  There's a good likelihood that the support for the 5268ac may no longer be there (which may explain the extremely slow firmware updates/fixes).  The hardest part about the BGW is convincing AT&T to do a truckroll.  Otherwise, if you don't need the WiFi on the BGW and don't use coax for TV, the BGW is clearly the choice with less hassle over the long run.  Just make sure you don't let the technician leave until you got a good unit - my first unit wouldn't connect properly.


Also note that AT&T was supposed to rollout a brand new fiber modem earlier this year, but for whatever reason, that one has been postponed until who knows when.  imho, I don't care what kind of modem they use - as long as it's robust, keeps the connection up, and trouble-free, I'm happy - no need for WiFi or other stupid features that are 10 years behind retail consumer routers.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

am now experiencing this issue but it says that i'm still on the firmware...

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

We were on 10.7 and DMZ+ was working just fine until 4am last night. ATT pushed the 11.3 firmware to our device and then things went bonkers again. It was odd, our connection would work for 1-2 minutes after rebooting the gateway, then it went down again.


So, I followed the solution in this post (really it's a workaround) and assigned our firewall a private IP, then allowed all TCP and UDP ports to forward to that device. It brought everything back online.


Ideally we'd love to avoid this double NAT issue, it just seems ATT isn't so interested in fixing it with their COAX PACE gateway. Still a total bummer. Perhaps either they're release a new gateway with coax or maybe 11.4 or 11.5 will finally solve this DMZ issue once and for all.

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Still issues in

I just woke up to the internet not working.  I had previously been on 10.5 but was forcibly upgraded to  Internet was not working (mostly not working - it was very very slow, everything (from browser) was timing out - however ping worked fine).  Tried doing a hard reset and resetting up DMZ+ - which didn't work.  Saw in the firewall logs that there was a TCP FLOOD - did a google search at it looks like this is an issue in the latest (11.3) firmware (see reports in https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32412967-New-software-version-for-Pace-5268AC~start=60


Instead of going back to 10.5, I figured I might as well try - working so far, but only been using for about 15 minutes.

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Re: Still issues in seems to work fine for me.  But be warned, mine got updated a week ago, I downgraded, and now, exactly a week later it got reupdated to 11.3 at midnight.  I happened to wake up and my phone wasn't connecting, so I immediately checked.


Downgraded again but I'm not doing this week after week.

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