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Re: PACE DMZ Issue



I put my router behind the PACE gateway and set the router as DMZ.  The latest firmware is crapping out my fiber connection where I'm only able to get 50mbps down and 1-200 up.   I thought it was my router crapping out, but apparently when I connect any other device directly to the gateway, I'm able to pull 940mbps up and down.  I swapped an older router and placed that device in the DMZ And it starts acting up and the previous router started working normally.


Can someone look into this?

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

I know this will come as a surprise, but I got my new PACE 5286AC and it had 10.7 at boot up but quickly pulled 11.1 again and you guessed it, back to square one. So I called Support and was immediately connected with "escalations" and we're going through some of the same steps/processes etc all over again but I'm hoping to at least get a different unit shipped to me this time around.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

And...drumroll. My 3rd replacement. A 589 and not the 599. I give up. 

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

@marrieditguy Try downgrading to 10.7.  I think it will stick if you go this route.  Do that while waiting on AT&T to ship you an NVG599.  That's what I did and it stuck for a week while I waited on them to stumble their way through the process.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

@SouthFLGuy44 That's just ridiculous.  AT&T's support is completely incompetent.  Have you downgraded to 10.7 yet?  If not, just do that until they can figure out how to get you the right hardware.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Again, downgrading is not a good solution.  It may or may not stick.  It just takes a push to get u back into firmware 11.1.  Your best bet in the interim is just remove router out of DMZ+.  If you have custom port forwarding and require them before you get the other gateway, just port forward those same ports from your gateway to router's IP.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Yup same, opened up my replacement “replacement” package and it’s an old NVG589. 


But hey at least it wasn’t another 5268ac right? 


ISPs are the only businesses that can get away with this is level of comically inept customer service.


What am I going to do? It’s not like I have a choice thanks to exclusivity contracts! AT&T gradually clawing their way back to being ma bell again!

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Downgrading is actually the easiest option and it works.  Once they've already pushed the update to you, it's not coming back if you force the update back down to 10.7X.  I'm not aware of a single instance where someone has downgraded and got the update to 11.X pushed back to them.


For folks that have complex networks, it's a royal pain to take remove DMZ+ and manually port forward everything - especially when the Pace Admin pages take 5+ minutes to load.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Agreed.  I'm a few weeks out on downgraded 10.7 and still not been pushed back to 11.1.  


Port forwarding is a lot of work/effort, double NAT setups are complete garbage, and downgrade is holding.  I'm out of town and my replacement device is at my house, so if my luck is like everyone else's I'll be shipping it back because it's another PACE.  May not even bother as the downgrade is holding so well. 

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Follow-up to my previous post...


Seems I had the same fate as @SouthFLGuy44 and others.  Even though BGW210 was mentioned repeatedly, with the support rep saying that I would receive that model, I received another 5268ac in the mail.  I contacted support this morning, told them what happened, and just told them to have a service tech drop off the correct model.  An hour later a tech came by and set up the new RG (an actual BGW210) with no issues.  Settings up IP Passthrough was easy as could be, and all of the pages actually load.  So glad to be rid of that poor excuse for a modem.


Some highlights from the install...

1. Tech wasn't even told why he was there, but luckily had a BGW210 down in their truck.  Absolutely superb communication.

2. They said that they were really in need of the 5268 model due to the HPNA Coax hookup.  The irony that they keep sending that device to people that don't want it.

3. I was asked why I have a closet full of servers and tech stuff everywhere.  Didn't have a great answer.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

I contacted support this morning, told them what happened, and just told them to have a service tech drop off the correct model.  An hour later a tech came by and set up the new RG (an actual BGW210) with no issues. 

Did you have to pay anything for the tech visit?

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

So I was assured that they would send a 599 to me. After the 4th attempt,  I was speaking with a manager this time. Great! I get an alert this morning that I have a tech appointment today (I won't be home). Yesterday I wasn't told anyone was coming, just they would send it to me. I don't need a tech, just the hardware. So, I told them just have them put it in a  box and leave it at my door. I seriously doubt this is going to happen. I have a suspicion the moment I reconnect the new modem (if I ever get it), AT&T will say they fixed the firmware issue on the 5268. 

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Spent 3 hours last night troubleshooting this issue only to finally stumble across this thread... just finished chat with support (what a rollercoaster...) and they're sending a tech out today to provide me a BGW210. Fingers crossed... All I did was tell the agent I had a firmware issue with the Pace 5268 and that I needed a BGW210 or NVG599. I sent them a link to this thread also. They didn't even have me troubleshoot, just said "OK" and started the process. Below is where the agent states I will "definitely" get the BGW210 or NVG599 and even asks my preference:


Amber *****: Please don't worry! you will definitely receive the model # BGW210 or

Me: Thank you so much!

Amber *****: You're most welcome

Amber *****: However, which model do you prefer most between BGW210 or NVG599?

Me: the BGW210 is preferred

Amber *****: Thank you.


And then the change-up...


Amber *****: I am just checking for the model number in the order
Amber *****: My apologies! BGW210 or NVG599 is not eligible for your Internet package.

Amber *****: The only available model is 5268AC


She then goes on to tell me a new 5268 will resolve the issue and that she checked with her supervisor. I demanded that it would not (nicely) and said I'd be happy to speak to a supervisor. She then came back with this:


Amber *****: Please let me check again if I can send out different model number to you.

Me: I'd be happy to talk to a supervisor as well. I truly appreciate your assistance, just need this

Amber *****: However, I have another way to provide you another modem with the model
number : BGW210.
Amber *****: Since the system is not allowing me to order this model number.

Amber *****: I can send out a technician along with a the same model number.


We then confirm the appointment for today and close the session. Here's to hoping they show up with a BGW210...

 [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

It gets better... The tech calls and says he's canceling the appointment.  You know, the appointment I never made.   Please, sir, leave the modem in a box for me at my home. Nope. Where's my pillow I can scream into?  I never thought I'd actually contemplate going back to C.. to Comc... I can't even say it. 

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

Had a tech drop off a BGW210 today after he called yesterday and said he didn't have any. Luckily he was very cool and said he'd grab one in the morning and come swap me out. I setup IP Passthrough and all seems to be working well again.

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Re: PACE DMZ Issue

users who have replaced their pace 5268ac with another model:


which replacement modem is best? nvg599? bgw-210? 


i want, at minimum: 




DNS control


how are the range extenders? i'm thinking about getting rid of my Archer C9 and no longer doing dmz/ip passthrough.

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