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Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

For the past month or more I've suffered intermittent connection drop outs on GigaPower. If I wait 20 - 30 seconds I suddenly have connectivity again. When this happens even web pages on the ATT device show a 408 error.


I'm at my wits end. Tech support gave me a bogus answer that the wireless on the ATT router was probably interfering with the other wireless routers. I was careful to put eveything on a different channel and before GigaPower never had issues with radio interference with the exact same setup. Obviously disabling wireless on the ATT router did not work.


I need my internet connection for my work as a software engineer and don't know how to get the right kind of attention on this problem. This webpage describes the exact problem I'm having

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.07.36 AM.png

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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

I have had this same problem for 3 months.  I work from home as well.  My service would be ok and then it would go out for a minute or two and come back.  All of the lights on the NVG would stay green and techs on the phone could not see the service disruption.


Techs have changed the NAT outside on the side of the house, the NVG589 in the closet, and the power supply.  So, the last time, the techs decided to move the wireless TV small box to a differnet room in my house.  They said that sometimes this can interphere with the NVG.  


They did this a few weeks ago and so far so good.

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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

Been having the same issue for past month or so. It's quite annoying.


What happens is the Service light either goes blinking green or solid red. Call U-verse technical support the automatic system tells me to power cycle the residential gateway. I would be doing that several times and hope that one time the service light will turn solid green.


I almost feel like they changed something on their end to contributed this. e.g. new network configuration.


Problem happened again this morning. Power cycled at least 10 times, no dice. Call and talked to someone. Told me the neighborhood hub is unresponsive and he wasn't relayed any more info so couldn't tell me anything more.


Friend on TWC is doing 300/20 and at least connection is stable. Unless ATT can get fixed soon (looks like it's affecting A LOT of Gigapower users), I will be looking to alternative ISP. What is the point of the speed if connection is unstable and we can't use it? Smiley Happy

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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

All of my connectivity woes were solved by disabling IPV6 on my each of my computers. There's something wrong with ATT IPV6.

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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

I have this same issue. Drops connection every few hours. Dropped a little over an hour ago and won't come back up. Spoke with tech and they say they will send someone out tomorrow night. Great, so 24hrs with no TV, no internet and no phone service. Awesome.
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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

I know for a fact that this has nothing to do with IPV6....because phone and TV goes out as well not just internet.


Happened to me again this morning for almost an hour.  Web wouldnt load but phone still worked.  Then phone went dead 30 mins after web went down.  Email was working for a little while longer then it went down.  Then, for no reason at all everything came back.  All lights on the NVG were green at all times.

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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

I'm getting this exact same issue. Specifically my problems are:

  1. The connection continually drops and then takes 5 minutes to sort itself out
  2. YouTube does not work very well at all - buffers consistently making it unwatchable
  3. Some pages load slowly too, like Gmail when I first open it


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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

So techs came out yesterday for 13th time since I have had gigapower.  They really couldn't figure out what is going on.  So, they changed out the ports at the box that is at front of neighborhood. Literally every piece of hardware associated with service has been swapped out at least once since December.   Hopefully this will help.  


They also made me disengage my separate AC router saying this might be causing IP address issuing problems.  So much for good internet speeds.


Hard to believe that since TV and Phones go out when internet goes down.  Time will tell.

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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

Since last week, when the techs came out yet again, I have had 3 more drops in service for both internet and phone.  This is getting ridiculous.  


They seem to think it some kind of IP conflict. So, they said, disconnect the wifi on the smart tv and bluray player.  So, I checked them....they aren't even connected to wireless.  not one hour after I checked the internet went down yet again.


On a brighter note, they did say that they expect the new NVG 599 gateway to come out in July or August which will have multi-antennae and AC wireless speed.

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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

so another tech came out yesterday....Cyndi was her name.  Really knowledgable and I think I recall that she is a specialist in solving ongoing problems.


Anyway, she finally found what she thinks is the probelm.  Since I have had all of my equipment changed out she firgured it was a service setup problem on the ATT backend.  Sure enough, after her investigation, she found that there was a setup service error for the communication between the ONT and ATT's backend.  It took her about an hour on the phone arguing with some lower level tech support people that there had to be a problem with this.  Finally, she got through to a department that she called UARC.  Apparently this is a much higher level group.  They confirmed this issue and had to make some changes to the backend setup to correct the problem.


Following the changes, her testing seems to indicate that the issue she was seeing before had been fixed.


It has only been a short time, so I dont know if it is really fixed, but time will tell.


I highly suggest asking for her to come out to your house and diagnose the problem.

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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

For the past 6 to 8 weeks we have been having the same problems as discribed in this thread. We are located in Grand Prairie, TX. In out case we restly upgraded to the 45 MB profile which requires a bonded pair.  From talking to the techs it seems one of the pairs is about 1300 ft longer than the other pair.


It seems that the RG loses sync which makes us lose all services from AT&T nevers sees the RG go offline.





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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

After having Gigapower for 6weeks I'm switching to a competitor that I hate. I keep dropping for a few seconds at least 3 or 4 times an hour and lose VPN then. 4 techs and equipment changed. Can't deal with att stupidity anymore.
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Re: Frequent connectivity dropouts on GigaPower

Have you tried disabling IPV6 on the gateway?  I had a similar experience and disabling IPV6 dramatically improved the situation.

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