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BGW210 and Passthrough/Port Forwarding


BGW210 and Passthrough/Port Forwarding

I have a router running in a VM, and I've got the BGW210 successfully in passthrough mode - meaning that yes, I can get internet across my network.  However, I also need port forwarding for "custom services."  So I followed the instructions for configuring "NAT/gaming."  However, because I am using passthrough, the BGW is not accessible on the address from behind my own router/firewall.  If I connect my laptop directly to the unit, the only device to which I can forward the port IS the laptop.  The router interface is not a selectable option.


Anyone have any ideas on how to get the unit to both pass the DHCP-assigned WAN IP to my router, and also allow me to access my stuff remotely?

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Re: BGW210 and Passthrough/Port Forwarding

If you're using passthrough mode, then all port forwarding and other firewall functions should be done on the router/firewall receiving the public ip.  The att gateway is passing and/all traffic, unmolested to this router.


Which hypervisor are you using, which router/firewall?


You may need to allow permissions to network from your firewall.  I'm running sophos utm and am able to access the att gateway ( without any issues.

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