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ATT Fiber very slow


ATT Fiber very slow

I have had ATT Fiber in my residence for 3 years and the entire time it has been very slow. Typical download speeds have been 2-3 Mbits pretty consistently, with sometimes the speeds going to 10-30 Mbits. Currently I have the 300 Mbit package. But this was the same when I had 50 Mbit and 100 Mbit. I am standing right next to the router, on a clear channel and I keep getting these bad results. Sometimes the upload result will be 40 or 50Mbits, despite the slow download. This is still well below rated speed, but it is faster for some reason. 


I have called support several times and sometimes they say there is a line problem, but the techs that come out don't seem to detect one. They have replaced my modem more than once and it hasn't solved the problem. Anecdotally it does seem worse on the 2.4Ghz band. But then again, there aren't *that* many networks around me even if there were I should be able to get more than 2-3Mbits download standing next to the router. These same devices get much faster speeds on other more congested networks at my office and school.


Is there something else I can do here to improve things? I have a PACE 5268 modem. I only have an iPhone and iPad connecting now, and a fooBot temperature/airquality monitor. Not a lot of demand on my network. 

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‎02-04-2019 2:25 PM

Re: ATT Fiber very slow

Hey, @arosenbl.

Have you tried testing the connection via Ethernet, to see if it is a problem with the WiFi or the internet in general?

Keep in mind that the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels will be providing different speeds. The 2.4GHz band is inherently slower and more congested, but provides a wider area for WiFi than the 5GHz will.

Also, check out some optimization tips we have available for our Gateways, and feel free to utilize our Troubleshoot & Resolve tool for personalized diagnostics.

John, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: ATT Fiber very slow

You might see some improvement by disabling IPv6 on the AT&T router.  Also a wired connection will avoid any wifi interference if you're unfortunate enough to be in a noisy wifi web with lots of neighbors hosting their own networks.


Overall however the service will never be as fast as your plan name would suggest since you have actually been allocated a portion of a shared channel with an upper rate matching your plan. The quoted plan speed is a hypothetical ideal if you were the only one using the channel.

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Re: ATT Fiber very slow

I have the 1000 plan and I rarely see more than 300Mbps on a wired connection. I could imagine ATT is faking it until they make it, which could be years. 


I was really excited to get fiber but now Im already annoyed by ATT for marketing promises they make and cannot keep.

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Re: ATT Fiber very slow

Yes having the same issues 300 MBS Plan - devices dropping, slow internet speeds. I hate to have to go back to Spectrum. I am running 7 devices and it is barely hanging on to those. How many is everyone else running and or is that even an issue with the modem/router being weak?

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Re: ATT Fiber very slow

I never solved the issue. I don’t have this issue with cable internet connections I’ve tried in my same area. I’m not sure why, but they seem to perform more consistently especially with respect to latency. It’s the exact opposite of what I’d expect with Fiber vs DOCIS. I will say that ATT turns their router power up way too much and this causes interference problems in areas with a lot of ATT gateways. So it’s possible their wireless implementation could be improved. 

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Re: ATT Fiber very slow

@arosenbl, look at the back of your PACE 5268.  If you have a line connected to the green port labeled VDSL, then AT&T committed fraud on you (as they have been with many customers) and you have a form of DSL not Fiber to the Home. These DSL lines are sometimes called Fiber to the Neighborhood.  If nothing is plugged into that port and instead you have something plugged into the red port (between the voice port and the 4 LAN ports) then it's POSSIBLE you have fiber but not guaranteed.


[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. I just called them and the representative told me I could only get 50mbps, but that it was Fiber to the Home and symmetrical.  All lies.  If it were FTTH, they'd offer faster speeds (at least 200mbps, if not 500 or 1000).

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Re: ATT Fiber very slow

It’s FTTH. I have a low voltage wiring cabinet with Fiber in it in my front closet.

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