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AT&T fiber 100 keeps dropping out.

AT&T fiber 100 keeps dropping out.

I take on-line viola lessons. I moved from an area where I had AT&T DSL that was rated at 60 MB/S to an area where I now have AT&T fiber 100 rated at 100 MB/S. I had on-line video lessons when I was on DSL and had no problem with dropped internet connection, but now with the faster fiber speed I get disconnected all the time...


I just got off the phone with customer service and they fixed the problem by resetting something outside of my home. They had me go to AT&Tspeedtest.com and run a test that gave a download speed of 9MB/S.Smiley Mad After they reset something outside of my home, not my modem, they had me run the test again and the download speed increased to 97MB/S.Cat Happy Problem solved... ish Why did this happen, will it happen again if so is the only cure to call customer service and spend 20 minutes on the phone??? if so I want to get paid for my time.

Is this AT&T throttling my internet speed?? Do they do that?? 

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