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upload speed faster than download speed


upload speed faster than download speed

My upload speed is more than twice as fast as my download speed.  I have another computer on the same network and it does the upload and download at about the same speed.


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Re: upload speed faster than download speed

Hi @RMW123,


That is interesting. Since once computer works and this one is showing slower download speeds, it sounds like the issue may be isolated to this computer. Try testing the computer in safe mode to see if you notice a different in speeds. If so, try disabling some applications or even the virus scanner on your computer to see if that may be causing the issue. If it is still slow, try connecting hard wired if it is not already. Also, if possible, try moving and connecting the computer at the location that is getting a good speed. If the speed improves, then there might be something with the wiring or the area that is causing the slower download speeds. Let us know how it goes.


David, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: upload speed faster than download speed

No the reading is the same on every computer 

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Re: upload speed faster than download speed

I get the same dammn problem. AT&T really needs to fix their crap, I'm not paying for a 5mbps. But that's what I am getting which is less than half of what I should be at. 

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Re: upload speed faster than download speed

The speeds are a whole lot variable in Internet as many people are using and unless we have Quality of Service or service guarantee with MPLS networks like in enterprise or corporate networks, ATT Fiber residential are still best effort. I see a consistent 600 Mbps speed and i am more than happy. It is like a road though one can go at 120 mph if there are no cars, we can mostly go at 60-80 mph. At rush hours it is even slower. The HOV lanes and toll based HOV lines try to give some guarantee, but no absolute guarantee in life. Even routers and switches along the way get congested and TCP/IP protocol by nature is a 40 year old protocol.  

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Re: upload speed faster than download speed

My download speed is decent but my upload speed is faster.  We have a Vonage phone at home and we can’t get the Caller ID to show up on our phone.  Vonage says that the reason is because our upload speed is faster than our download speed.  Can this be true or is it just an excuse to not fix things on their end?  If it is true, is there anything I can do to regulate the upload speed?  Thx!

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‎02-12-2019 3:45 PM

Re: upload speed faster than download speed

I ran into this problem with our ATT Fiber connection and was able to find a solution.


For a couple of years our upload and download speed was consistently 120-125 meg up and down - never varied much at all, never had an outage, never noticed a speed issue at all.  (We have Fiber 100).   In Dec 2018, after noticing some streaming pixelation, I run a test and find download speed would limit to about 48-50 while the upload speed would get the 120+, but in a much more unstable manner -- very bursty -- very unlike the usual ATT fiber consistency we've enjoyed for a few years. 


Call ATT and they said it was the ATT router and sent a new one.   Plugged it in and the problem was gone for about 12 hours.    Called back and they wanted to send another router but I declined as I couldn't see how a digital device could "halfway work".


Plugged directly into our seperate Wifi router (Netgear Nighthawk).   From the router, the speed was 1/2 down, full up.   I then plug into the ATT box, 100% up and down -- so it must be MY router and not ATT....   


So bought a new Wifi router.   The new router arrives, I plug it in, and all is running at 100% again -- for about 12 hours.    I think it can't be a settings issue as I haven't touched the settings in years.   I think back to some attic flooring space we added and routed the CAT6 cable neatly.   Maybe that CAT6 (from the optical modem in the garage to the ATT modem inside the house) got knicked, was getting electrical interference, something.    Strung a new run of temporary CAT6 -- and nothing changed.    So I started carefully rebooting the ONT, ATT router, everything thinking the sequence might work.    Nothing.


By dumb luck I reset the new Wifi modem, installed it again and everything was 100%.    I happened to be watching it when the IP address of the Netgear Wifi router changed from a private IP to a public IP address -- the ATT box passed the public IP into the LAN.    As soon as it switch, the download speed dropped to 50% of normal.   It seems that switch happens automatically during the night -- and several hours after everything boots up and runs at 100% for a good while.


So I go into the ATT box, go to LAN DHCP settings, and tell it to force a private IP address for the Netgear box.   Won't work because the Netgear modem was in the DMZ -- and has been for years.    I take it out of the DMZ and artificially recreate the DMZ by forwarding all ports 1-65535 to the Netgear router.   One by one I get messages saying one of the ports I was forwarding was reserved by ATT.   I start excluding the ports, about 10 in all, around the 51000 zone (thinking all along this can't be the solution as I've never touched these settings).     When I am done, the ATT box will, for the 1st time, allow me to force a private IP address for the Netgear Wifi router....    And it's been about 30 days of flawless operation every since -- rock steady speed, up and down.


I just searched and was curious if anyone else was having the issue and wanted to help someone avoid all the hairpulling I had to go through... 


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Re: upload speed faster than download speed

Wow.  Thanks, this fixed my problem.  Didn't have the DMZ issue, but changed the router in the modem to private.  Rebooted router... And pow... Right back to full download speeds.

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Re: upload speed faster than download speed

Hey Marty,

I hope you're still out there.  I have the same problem you experienced, AT&T Fiber 1000 with slow download (100-205mbps) and 2X, 3X, 4X upload vs dowload speeds while connected via ethernet.  Wifi is equally horrible with sub 300 speeds up or down.  I am short smarts about modem or router settings so I don't quite understand what you've done in your fix.  I just learned that the DMZ is not just a place I visited in South Korea AND you can foward as many as ALL ports to it!?!?!?!  I thought myself to be pretty "tech savvy" and now I am totally ashamed of my ignorance after reading your post.  Could you please walk me through your steps in your forcing a private IP address fix? 

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Re: upload speed faster than download speed

Great! would Definitely try it. However if you are looking for solution to your Roku device problem than you may visit Roku Error Code 009

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