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Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)


Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)



What is the current best practice for having a port unblocked on your AT&T account?


I've seen numerous posts that fit the following :


1) Posts are from years ago

2) AT&T Customer Care direct messages the person to fulfill the request.


To the best of my knowledge, I can't message Customer Care directly anymore.


Some other (newer) posts, suggest that TechConnect is required, but those posts seem to have a theme: they end with either a paid service to unblock the port and/or a seemingly frustrated customer who got the run around: modems reset, or replaced, etc.


I'm less than thrilled at the notion of paying to have a port unblocked, but ultimately I want to know who/what/where is the place to request such a service.  Anyone know the current best way to go about this?



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‎09-01-2018 3:20 PM

Re: Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)

You probably missed this thread which states:


You can get 25 unblocked but I believe it costs $49 to do it.  Start by contacting ATT ConnecTech support.  That link shows a telephone number (866.294.3464) and the ConnecTech webpage.


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Re: Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)

Sorry, just got around to call connect tech, and it was successful.


The process was relatively painless, and it is going to cost you the $49 for a one-time request like this.  I called, stressed that I wanted them to unblock the port on their side, not at your gateway or on your PC, then I was on hold for ~3 minutes and presto!

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Re: Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)

Requested unblock over chat.  Took ~3 minutes to complete at no charge.

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Re: Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)

+1 Live chat was super fast and efficient with unblocking outbound 25

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Re: Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)

Hello Anatoly-


I see that Teri Lenke (your Case Manager) from our escalation team has reached out to you regarding your port 25 issue. She has informed me that she called our technical support team to get assistance. Your port 25 is now open. Teri confirmed with you that all is working correctly.  I hope you’re satisfied with the level of service that I've provided you here on social media. If you should ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here on the Business Community. We will be here for you.


Thank you,

Laura G.

Business Social Media Manager


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Re: Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)

This is unfortunate. I called this number, but could not get assistance from ConnectTech, instead i was rerouted back to U-Verse support where i went through a series of scripts reading support folks. What's going on? is this for business accounts only?

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Re: Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)

Try LiveChat - I go helped tis way.

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Re: Unblocking port 25 (2018 version)

I was also able to get this unblocked with no charge via chat on my Fiber residential account. The first person I chatted with redirected me to ConnecTech agent, who wanted to charge a fee, which I declined.


I went through the chat a second time, and I got a different agent, who was knowledgeable and was able to submit the request for my /29 static IP block. Almost immediately after he submitted the request, I was able to connect over port 25 from all IPs in my block.

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