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Internet pricing


Internet pricing

I am at AT&T customer in Cupertino, currently on the Internet 100 fiber plan.


For the first year I was charged $60/month for the Internet plan. Recently the pricing switched to $70/month, which I had not planned for, so my automatic payments got a bit off track while I was in vacation.


I am quite confused as to what price points may be available to me:

- Looking at my bill online, my current monthly charge is listed as $70 for "Internet 100 Stand-alone$10 off"

- Looking at "Change your service" in my account, I can see that I could upgrade to the Internet 300 (fiber) plan for the same monthly price of $70 (listed as $90 - $10 off ongoing -$10 off first 12 months). I was not able to find the conditions that may be associated to this, does that put me on a new yearly contract ? Is there an ETF associated with it ? What happens at the end of 12 months, am I able to get back to the Internet 100 fiber plan if I want to save a few bucks ?

- Looking at https://www.att.com/shop/u-verse/offers.html, the Internet 100 (fiber) plan I am on seems to be advertised at $50/month for the first year. It is not clear to me if I should be able to get that price by extending my contract for another year ???


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‎09-12-2018 4:10 AM

Re: Internet pricing

The $50 internet is a NEW customer promotion for 12 months, then rate goes to full retail per the TOS the same as happened to you.


Existing customer may be able to receive a discount, but not as steep as new customer.


Yes if you accept a lower price than retail, you have entered into a new 112 month contract with $180 early termination fee pro rated $15 per month.

By accepting a lower rate you are committing to a term contract, if which to cancel without an ETF then need to stay on the retail price. 

Example if moving within next 90 days the $10 a month discount or $30 savings have you paying a $135 ETF.


Similarly if move your service, new install is a new contract for another 12 months.

Thinking your moving your service with 3 months before cancelling service as contract fulfilled would be wrong as have a new 12 month contract.

If desire to move and desire a different service, just cancel and pay the ETF that is existing.


edit... to get the new customer $50 pricing for 100M would require cancelling your service, returning the gateway via UPS or FEDEX.

Sign up as a new customer, scheduled for new install, $99 installation fee ((50x12)+99=$699 first year), new gateway.

May be without any service for a number of days between the cancel and install time.

I have heard of some ordering cable service, for the inbetween time and then cancelling cable internet.

Two installs, or time without for a very small savings (70x12=840-699=$141 compared to trip to return equipment. going without, waiting for new install...

Then add in the $10 off new 12 month deal means the cost difference is (70x12)-(10x12)-699=$21. Thus would pay $21 more over 12 months (1.65/month) compared to canceling and reordering.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Internet pricing

Thanks for clarifying the terms of the "change your service" offer - this addresses my issue. I am marking your answer as solution.


I remember this information was very easy to find when I signed up last year, and I was disappointed that it wasn't as readily available now. The fact that there doesn't seem to be a chat support option anymore also didn't help, as this was a really quick way to clarify this sort of minor issues.


I agree that walking out just to sign back up with new service sounds like it'd be a huge hassle for everyone involved. If anyone is thinking about going that far... hint, try talking to the retentions department first, they may be able to help Smiley Happy

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Re: Internet pricing

OK, I'm trying to clarify this for my own situation. I plan to move to a new address in November. My current contract ends in a week. If I upgrade my plan and renew my contract now, then transfer my service in two months, then am I forced to pay an ETF for transferring the service to my new residence or will everything, including my ongoing contract, carry over to the new address?

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Re: Internet pricing


Do you know where you will be moving to? Does that address offer ATT Internet? At what speed tier?


Moving to an address where service is not offered or a lower speed tier, example you have 50/10 and next address would only support 10/1, that is not acceptable to you would result in paying an ETF. Considering the move is 2 months away, if you do not know the answers to above questions, I would recommend just paying the higher retail prices for 2 months instead of a possible $150 ETF (10 months remaining at $15 per month). IF the next address has what you want or can accept, then go ahead and renew your service. Then can transfer you service with a new 12 month contract at a discounted promotion.



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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