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High Speed Internet Equipment Fee


High Speed Internet Equipment Fee

When I signed up for gigapower it said the High Speed Internet Equipment Fee was included, yet I have a fee for 6 dollars on my bill for this. Is that correct? It seems that the 120 was supposed to include that, but I'm currently being charge 126 before any taxes or other fees involved.

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Re: High Speed Internet Equipment Fee

From fine print details first line...
Promotional pricing applies to service rates only and excludes taxes, equipment fees and other charges including a $49 service activation fee, city video cost recovery fees, where applicable, and a Broadcast TV surcharge. Residential customers only. Credit restrictions may apply. Pricing, programming and features subject to change at any time without notice.

From Austin only section
$120 U-verse with GigaPower Premier Offer: For residential customers in GigaPower areas when ordered online at Price for U200 TV with HBO, and High Speed Internet 300. 1 year term required. An early termination fee of up to $348 may apply if TV service is downgraded or disconnected before end of term. After 36 months, standard rates apply for bundled services and equipment fee(s) apply unless canceled by customer. Must maintain qualifyingservices to receive advertised pricing. Offer ends 3/29/14.

I see no mention of leased equipment fee ($6 going to $7) included in $120 package.
And the very first line for all packages clearly states " Promotional pricing applies to service rates only and excludes taxes, equipment fees and other charges"

My thoughts, that is correct, your $120 with HSIA fee is $126 plus other fees and taxes.
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Re: High Speed Internet Equipment Fee

If you go through the signup process when it's doing the price break down it specifically mentions the 7 dollar high speed equipment fee and says "included" under the 70 dollars for internet. When I signed up for uverse initially when it gives the total monthly fee at the end it included it. When I signed up for gigapower the total monthly given was 120 (before taxes) which claimed to also included the equipment fee.

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Re: High Speed Internet Equipment Fee

I'm looking at my AT&T U-verse Order Receipt right now.


Under Pricing and Services summary It says: Package includes (1) free Receiver and $6/7 Month Internet Equipment fee. Because I ordered the HD and movie package option it also lists those then gives the TOTAL pricing minus the promotional discount.


In bold text it reads Total Monthly Recurring charges.


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Re: High Speed Internet Equipment Fee

I am also confused by this. I am moving to Austin in mid-May and signed up for GigaPower. When I signed up, it showed that the $7 HSI Equipment Fee was included in the $70 for the internet plan (I've attached a picture of the quote).


Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 8.46.11 PM.png


Am I to understand that this is not the case and that we are also charged the $7/month for the GW, even though it says included?



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Re: High Speed Internet Equipment Fee

I am looking at my first bill, and I do not see any equipment charges listed. My question is are the bills pre-paid or post-paid? My billing date is saying that it is from 03/31-03/31 (my install date was that day), but I am being charged an entire month, plus $4 for the date of 3/31, which makes me think that I am paying for the entire month of April plus a surcharge for 1 day of March?

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Re: High Speed Internet Equipment Fee

I called customer service and got them to remove the HSI equipment fee (permanently) as my signup snap like post above said equipment was included in the $120.

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Re: High Speed Internet Equipment Fee

themcfreak - Re: My question is are the bills pre-paid or post-paid? pre-paid.

The first bill is the only one that includes post-paid for the time from install to bill date. In your case one day.

All bills for monthly service are for the coming billing period.

When you cancel a refund is issued for the unused period.
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