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Unathorized hard credit pull


Unathorized hard credit pull

I recently called AT&T and got a quote about some services I had made no commitment to any services. I asked the rep specifically that I didn’t want anything done that would impact my credit score because I’ve been building it up to purchase a home for the past 6 months.  He reassured me my credit score wouldn’t be pulled or impacted. I never authorized anything, yet 30 mins after my conversation with the representative all my credit sites alerted me to having a hard credit score pulled by AT&T and my score dropped more than 30 points!!! I was able to get a hold of the rep and I actually felt bad because he was so apologetic and said he never has seen a credit pulled without a SSN provided. All I gave was my name & address. So please reverse this hard credit pull. Please provide the #’s to a manager or the legal department as well. Thank you.

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Re: Unathorized hard credit pull

Hello @S_ssony13,


We take the privacy of personal information very seriously. Please send us a private message by clicking here so we can assist you with your issue.


Thank you,



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