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Windows 8.1 upgrade kills AT&T Vpn client


Windows 8.1 upgrade kills AT&T Vpn client

Took the time to google to see if anyone was reporting issues.


Turns out no one has complained yet, so I thought I'd upgrade.


Starting with  with version 9.3.2, I went to the store and crossed my fingers.


Now getting errors about device drivers missing etc.


Trying a uninstall re-install.


Best guess is I'm restoring to Windows 8 tonight, I'll post a follow on if I get it resolved. 


Windows 8.1 not yet supported.....



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Re: Windows 8.1 upgrade kills AT&T Vpn client

Well.... that wasn't a good idea.


Laptop ended up in an unstable state. It tried to auto recover a few times and then died with repeated blue screens following the de-install. So if you do upgrade... don't uninstall until you are ready to rebuild.


Figured out I didn't have a USB boot stick... arg. Created one, reimaged back to Windows 8.


New operating systems in general and Windows 8.1 with AT&T vpn.... a mighty bad idea.



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Accepted by Anonymous
Accepted by Anonymous
‎08-26-2015 1:25 AM

Re: Windows 8.1 upgrade kills AT&T Vpn client

@The friendly folks at At&t.


Any chance you can give an idicative date for when support for windows 8.1 may become available - beta or otherwise? 


Recovery is really ugly if anyone were to upgrade, and Microsoft is sending popup telling users to upgrade.



Kind Regards.

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Re: Windows 8.1 upgrade kills AT&T Vpn client

In my case, uninstalling AT&T Global Client, and reinstalling an older version that was compatible with Windows 8.0 did the trick.


In my case, I fully unisntalled the broken installation (broken by Windows 8.1), and reintalled, after rebooting, the last correct version I had a backup of, in my case And that make it work again, after I used my credentials again.


Hope this helps you.

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Re: Windows 8.1 upgrade kills AT&T Vpn client

@lucho -  Thanks for taking the time to update the group on your success.


It emboldened me to take another shot at upgrading to Windows 8.1 


Before upgrading I uninstalled the VPN client. (Selecting the delete everything option) 


Then I ran the upgrade app  to upgrade  to Windows 8.1. After some waiting, I downloaded and installed the 9.3.2 VPN installer.


..... and...... It works with Windows 8.1.


Thanks again. All is good.



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Re: Windows 8.1 upgrade kills AT&T Vpn client

Good to know that it worked also with you! It seems Windows 8.1 just breaks the installation, but if you uninstall and re-install a current version (or a little older one like the one I installed), it will work!
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