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Unable to uninstall AGNC(7.7.3)


Unable to uninstall AGNC(7.7.3)

I recently upgraded my Thinkpad T61P to windows 10. I already had 7.7.3 AGNC running on it. After upgrade when i tried to login  it was stuck at waiting for asynchronous action to complete. SO i decided to reinstall 9.6 on top of it. But it wouldn't let me.  I got a message "The default installation package cannot be used to upgrade an existing AT&T installation" SO i decided to uninstall. I couldn't find it under add/remove programs. SO i reinstalled 7.7.3 so that i can uninstall again.  I get an error while trying to uninstall . How can i completely remove all the entries related to 7.7.3 so that i can install fresh? I tried removing registry entries/ AGNC folder etc. Still i couldn't install 9.6 .

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Re: Unable to uninstall AGNC(7.7.3)

Hello, Version 9.6 or any previous versions do not support Windows 10. The next release of the AT&T Global Network Client will support Windows 10. Right now the ETA of the next release is sometime 4th Quarter. Once it is available you can download it from our website. http://www.corp.att.com/agnc/windows/ Thank you.
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Re: Unable to uninstall AGNC(7.7.3)

Actually version 9.6 does work for me in another laptop of mine which runs windows 10. Only difference is i upgraded from windows 8.1 to 10 there. After upgarde i did not change anything i was able to connect. Here i upgraded from windows 7 to 10 here. Only earlier versions fail.

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Re: Unable to uninstall AGNC(7.7.3)

I just need to get rid of 7.7.3 completely manually as uninstaller doesn't work. Are there any steps ?  i tried removing AGN adapter from device manager, removed AGNC directory under programfilesx86, removed AGNC entries from registry. Still when i try to install 9.6 it is saying i cannot update . Why is it considering it as an update when i am installing fresh. So there must be some residue that is preventing from installing new version. 

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Re: Unable to uninstall AGNC(7.7.3)

Hello, since it is not yet supported on WIN10 we may not have all the required steps to do a clean manual removal. Below is a manual step by step un-install you can try as it pertains to previous OS Win versions. As a note AGNC 7.7.x also has not been supported since 2012.  Thank You


  1. Navigate to START-> Control Panel-> Add or Remove Programs, select the AT&T Net Client. If present, highlight AT&T Global network client and click CHANGE. Select REMOVE and select the option to remove all user settings from this computer.

Reboot the workstation.


  1. Click on Start-> Control Panel-> Network Connections.

In the LAN or High-Speed Internet section find the entry for Local Area Connection.

Right click on the entry and select “properties”.

Scroll down the list of items in the “This connection uses the following items” section. Look for AGN Filter interface and AT&T Wi-Fi Support Driver

If you see either highlight that entry and select uninstall.

Reboot the workstation if you had to uninstall either or both entries. Otherwise move on to step 3


  1. Click on Start-> Control Panel-> System

Select the hardware tab and then device manager.

At the top, click on VIEW and select "show hidden devices".

Expand or ‘open’ Network Adapters and look for ‘AGN virtual network adapter’ or any AGN component listed.

If either or both of these entries exist, right click on the entry and select ‘Uninstall’

Reboot the workstation if either or both entries were uninstalled. Otherwise move on to step 4.


  1. Download the Windows Installer Clean-Up Utility from - this utility may or may not work on WIN10



   NOTE – your PC will reboot after running the below procedure

       After downloading the utility run the installation.

After the installation is complete an option will appear select Detect problems manually.

A question then appears asking if you are having a problem installing or uninstalling select Uninstall.

Select any products containing the words “AT&T Global Network Client”

After selecting these entries click on YES to uninstall and cleanup

Leave defaults to uninstall and click NEXT


  1. Right click on START -> EXPLORE

Click on the “Tools” drop down menu, and select “Folder Options”.   This will bring up a widow with three (3) tabs. Click on the center tab titled 'View'. On the Advanced Settings list you will see an option titled 'Hidden Files and Folders' make sure that the 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' radio button is selected. Click on Apply in the bottom right hand corner and then OK.


Delete the directory C:\Program Files\AT&T Global Network Client

Delete the AGNS folder from C:\Documents and Settings\"logged in user name**"\Local Settings\Application Data\

** Logged in user name generally refers to the user name you log onto the windows desktop with

Please check each username defined under Documents and Settings for any instance of the AGNS folder including the “All Users” folder

*** We have found instances where AGNS existed under other computer names such as Administrator, so please ensure all AGNS folders have been deleted.

After this is completed close out Windows Explorer


  1. Go to Start, run and type in regedit and click ok.

Delete the following keys if present:

HKey Local Machine -] Software -] AGNS

HKey Local Machine -] System -] Current Control Set -] ENUM -] ROOT -] ATT_AGNFILTMP

HKey Local Machine -] System -] Current Control Set -] ENUM -] ROOT -] ATT_AVPNNIC

HKey Local Machine -] System -] Current Control Set -] Services -] agnfilt

HKey Local Machine -] System -] Current Control Set -] Services -] agnwif

HKey Local Machine -] System -] Current Control Set -] Services -] avpnnic

HKey Users - .Default -] Software -] AGNS

HKey Current User -] Software -] AGNS

*** If any registry key cannot be deleted, right click on the key and select permissions. Check the full control option under ALLOW then click OK. Retry deleting the registry key.

Close regedit


  1. REBOOT your workstation.
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Re: Unable to uninstall AGNC(7.7.3)

I was able to uninstall from command line even though i couldn't do from Add/remove programs of windows.  I ran "wmic" then i ran "product get name"  which listed AGN products then i ran "product where name=”name of program call uninstall"  . 

I installed AGN 9.6 afterwards. This time i see a strange problem. Connect button disabled as it is not identifying wireless. Tried LAN. Still would not recognize. Installation had no issues. 


 Attached is client log. That i had to run 'NetLogViewer' directly as those buttons were disabled. 

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Accepted by Anonymous
Accepted by Anonymous
‎08-31-2015 8:50 PM

Re: Unable to uninstall AGNC(7.7.3)

I uninstalled again. I had to delete directories under /application/data. Reinstalled with windows firewall off. Now i am able to connect to AT&T network with my secure id. But for some reason remote desktop on the AT&T network is not accessible. From another computer it is accessible.  Will check helpdesk. Bottomline is AGNC 9.6  does work with windows 10.  

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Re: Unable to uninstall AGNC(7.7.3)

Finally i am able to connect to intranet as well.. thing that i did to get it working was disabling IPV6


command i used is


 1)netsh interface ipv6 isatap set state disabled


 2) netsh interface ipv6 set teredo disabled


Mission complete. 

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