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Unable to install/repair/uninstall AT&T Net Client 8.10


Unable to install/repair/uninstall AT&T Net Client 8.10

I had an AT&T Net Client installed in my laptop - Windows Vista. - Do not remember the version (might be 8.4)


Installed latest AT&T Net Client 8.10 on top of it without uninstalling the older one.


It seems to got installed and rebooted the system. After reboot, the system prompted for uninstalling the previous version of AT & T client.

I went ahead and uninstalled it. (by choosing "Remove all settings from PC" option).


But 8.10 installation does not seem to get completed properly.


Every time, I click on AT&T Client, it starts installing, and says initializing Database, ends with installation error.

Please find the attached jpeg file for it.


Removed the Data directory at C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\AGNS\NetClient\.

Still installation did not succeed.


Now I am unable to uninstall it. Even clicking on repair did not go positive.

Both during uninstall/repair, it tries to check the installation, and goes to roll back and throws fatal error during uninstall.


Went through this fourm, and tried to uninstall using msiexec /x {681ADA0C-597A-4F9B-BFEA-5A54808F292F} /l*v attc_uninstal.txt


Still it does not seem to uninstall successfully.

Please find the attached uninstallation log file.


Wireless stopped working in my Laptop now.





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Re: Unable to install/repair/uninstall AT&T Net Client 8.10

Did you initially instal the T6 client?  Looks like the uninstall is failing trying to process the removal of the T6 client.


If you go into Change, does it show it as installed locally?  If that is the root of the issue, I might be able to write a small vbscript to alter the failing action to allow the removal to complete.

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Re: Unable to install/repair/uninstall AT&T Net Client 8.10

Yes Obrion.

T6 client is installed.

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Re: Unable to install/repair/uninstall AT&T Net Client 8.10

Having looked into this further, it looks like one of the custom actions run by the T6 merge module during removal is failing.  This makes it a bit more difficult to address, as the T6 merge module custom actions are not specifically included in the AGNC installation/removal sequence, they are automatically included by Windows Installer.  The reason this makes it s bit more difficult is that I was thinking we could just alter one of the properties of the action to allow the install to continue even if that specific action failed.  However, since we are not specifically including it, I do not think that will work.


So instead, let's try this.  The action that is failing is trying to remove one of the T6 firewall rules from the Windows Firewall, and it is failing because that rule cannot be found.  Let's try adding the rule manually, so it ought to be found, then see if the uninstall completes.  Can you run the following command from an Admin Command prompt and see if the install then completes?


netsh.exe advfirewall firewall add rule name="AT&T T6 Service" dir=in action=allow program="C:\Program Files\AT&T Global Network Client\T6Svc.exe" enable=yes



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Re: Unable to install/repair/uninstall AT&T Net Client 8.10

Hi Obrion,


AT&TClient auto update happened 2 days back.

After that when I tried to uninstall it today, it worked.

I was successfully able to uninstall it.


Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it.



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