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Reset "VPN Needed" Flag


Reset "VPN Needed" Flag

How do I reset "VPN Needed" flag on a preferred private hotspot?

Profiles defined within Windows WZC are categorized as "Preferred Private" if they are configured with encryption. When a preferred private hotspot accessed by the client for the first time, the user is prompted to indicate whether VPN is needed at this location. If the user leaves the box unchecked, the client, after associating to this hotspot will NOT attempt to establish a VPN connection, even if a VPN profile is selected on the client. If the box is checked, then the client will proceed to establish a VPN connection once successfully connected to the hotspot (assuming a VPN profile has been selected). This allows a single profile to be used in all situations and the user will only establish a VPN connection when that is necessary to reach their target network.

Without this setting, different profiles may have to be maintained and selected depending on the location where the connection is initiated.  

If the wrong selection for this setting is made for any specific SSID, this can be changed through the following steps:

From within the AT&T Global Network Client do the following:

  1. On the main screen click on "Change connection sequence…" in the Connection Sequence task group.
  2. From the popup menu select "Configure a connection sequence"
  3. On the resulting dialog box click on "WiFi    Preferred Private"
  4. Click the "Properties " button
  5. You will now have a dialog with a list of WiFi profiles.  Next to each entry is a check box to specify if VPN is needed for that SSID
  6. Double click the checkbox next to the desired SSID.  Each time you double click the box will alternate between check and unchecked

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