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Manual Removal of Integrity


Manual Removal of Integrity

If for some reason the removal of the AT&T Global Network Client did not also remove the Managed Firewall feature (the CheckPoint Integrity Agent) the following steps should be followed to try to resolve this situation.


Attempt to re-install and uninstall first.

  1. Re-install the AT&T Global Network Client installation package with the Managed Firewall
  2. Reboot your workstation when prompted (or if not prompted, reboot when the Integrity installation has completed)
  3. Uninstall install the AT&T Golbal Network Client
  4. Reboot your workstation when prompted (or if not prompted, reboot when the Integrity removal has completed)

Integrity Removal Tool

If re-installing then uninstall did not remove the Integrity Agent, next try using the AT&T Integrity Removal Tool.

  1. Download the AT&T Integrity Removal Tool from ftp://ftp.attglobal.net/pub/client/win32/beta/attremoveintegrity.exe
  2. Run the tool to attempt to remove the Integrity Agent from your workstation
  3. Reboot your workstation when prompted to

Manual Steps

Lastly, if the previous methods of removing the Integrity Agent were unsuccessful, you can attempt the following manual steps. The following manual removal steps are a last resort should all other attempts have failed. The following steps should not be attempted unless no other means of removing the Integrity Agent have been successful.

  1. Create a System Restore Point
  2. Check windows (winnt) \internet logs. Delete any contents if it exists
  3. Check windows (winnt)\system32. delete the check point or zone labs folder if it exists
  4. In the system32 directory, delete any of the following files if they exist
    • Vsconfig.xml (hidden)
    • Vsdata.dll
    • Vsdatant.sys
    • Vsinit.dll
    • Vsmonapi.dll
    • Vspubapi.dll
    • Vsutil.dll
    • Vsxml.dll
    • Vsmon.exe
    • Zlcomm.dll
    • zlcommDB.dll
    • zllictbl.dat (hidden)
  5. In the registry, in hklm\system\currentcontrolset\services, delete the following if they exist:
    • vsdatant
    • vsmon
  6. Iin the registry, in hklm\software and hkcu\software, delete the Zone Labs keys if they exist

Any problems deleting anything after running the uninstaller, boot into safe mode and repeat these steps. Otherwise, clean uninstall is complete.


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