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Installing VPN client causes internet loss


Installing VPN client causes internet loss

I have a Windows 10 computer that I connect to a corporate network with the AT&T VPN client.  I used version for a couple years without any issue whatsoever.

I updated to AT&T vpn client v. earlier this month, and it seemed okay at the time.  But as soon as I rebooted the computer that the vpn software was installed on, I completely lost the ability to connect to the internet.  When I ran ipconfig /all no adapters showed up.  I could see my router and connect to it, but I was connected with no internet access.  I even hardwired the computer to the router (bypassing wireless) and could not connect.


I did a system restore to the point before I updated the vpn software, and everything worked again-I could reboot all I wanted and there were no issues.  I few days later I updated the vpn software again, and just like before it worked just fine until I rebooted.  Then I had the same no internet issue until I restored the system back to the version.  Then all was well.


What about the version would cause the computer to completely lose internet access after rebooting?

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Re: Installing VPN client causes internet loss

Hello @MikeCh


Thank you for reaching out on our Business Community.  I will be happy to get you some help and have someone look into this.  Please private message me by clicking here the following information, so I can further assist you.


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Thank you.


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