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Disable Client from querying my phone


Disable Client from querying my phone

AT&T Client Queries My Cell Phone - Can I Disable That?

I have noticed that since upgrading to the latest AT&T Client I have been having an issue with my cell phone. I don't use it for AT&T but I have it connected to my laptop to sync my calendar. The new client always scans it and displays it as an available network. The issue is, when it does this it actives the packet connection on the phone and leaves it on for the rest of the day which drains my battery very quickly. I have found I can select "Disable Cellular" but I have to do this everytime I launch the AT&T Client. Is there a way to stop the client querying my phone?

You can permanently disable the cellular support in the client by selecting the "Permanently disable cellular device support" option found on the Preferences tab in the Login Properties.


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