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AGNC LaptopConnect drivers:Pre-installed/Supported


AGNC LaptopConnect drivers:Pre-installed/Supported

AT&T Global Network Client LaptopConnect drivers - Pre-installed vs. Supported devices

Pre-Installed Device Drivers

The AT&T Global Network Client LaptopConnect  installer will pre-install a numbers of cellular device drivers. Pre-install means that the drivers are available to be installed at a later time. When one of these LaptopConnect cellular devices is plugged into the PC, Windows will search for the device drivers on the system, including the device drivers that were pre-installed by the LaptopConnect edition. Then Windows will install and use the drivers needed.

Supported Drivers

The AT&T Global Network Client will work with a large number of cellular devices that are not pre-installed by the LaptopConnect edition. The difference between being a supported driver and a pre-installed driver is that a Supported device can be used with the AT&T Client, the installation and configuration of the device and drivers for that device must be manually performed outside of the AT&T Client installation process. In other words, customers must install these drivers themselves.

For a complete list of what devices the AT&T Global Network Client will pre-install and support, see the Admin Guide.

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