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callers report my voice is thin and breaks up even only 20 feet from the MC


callers report my voice is thin and breaks up even only 20 feet from the MC

I just got a MC and note that in areas in my apt my callers report my voice is thin and breaks up even with 5 bars and only 20 feet from the MC, and the MC 3 ft from a window.


I also note that the bottom light on the MC which should be solid green (the one that looks like bars) sometimes goes to blinking red and the M-Cell and usual 5 bars don't show on the top of our iPhone 5 window anymore. When this happens I have to power down the MC and have it activate again.


I haven't had dropped calls yet, but I can state that 2 bars and no MC is better coverage and voice quality consistantly than using the MC and showing 5 bars. So to that, I'd say the posting here of problems between the MC and iPhones would seem to make sense. Although in reading the earlier posts with iPhone 3s and 4s, it seems iPhone 5s might not drop calls. At least mine hasn't. 


But having worse call quality with a MC than without, is quite unacceptible.



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Re: callers report my voice is thin and breaks up even only 20 feet from the MC

FWIW, we've had various flavors of iPhones and never had a problem with dropped calls or call quality. Currently we have an iPhone 5 and 3GS using the MicroCell with no issues at all. That being said........


A blinking red 3G light indicates a hardware failure. But it can also be caused by an update that was received by AT&T and the MicroCell didn't properly reset itself so it "thinks" there is a hardware failure. Powering down the MicroCell is one way to clear that. Another, and probably better way is to do a hard reset (holding in the reset button on the back for 30 seconds). That does a more complete job of clearing anything in the Flash ROM that may have gotten messed up.


3' from a window may be too far. 18" is recommended but if you don't have any problem locking onto GPS then you're probably ok.


I see you live in an apartment. Do you have your own internet service or does your connection go thru a community switch? How is your internet setup and how do you have the MicroCell setup?


MicroCell Technical Guide by Otto Pylot

"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

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