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bad cell service


bad cell service

I have horrible cell service at my house on my AT&T work phone. First I was told at the AT&T store nothing can do about it then waited a month went back and then they told me can get a router outside your house and one inside my house and would cost around  $500.00. I talked to a relative that had the same problem and she called and AT&T sent her a microcell for better service and it worked plus they sent it to her for free. How do I go about getting a microcell sent to me?

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Re: bad cell service

@Binghamton1 - see my Cellular Booster Guide (link is in my sig line) for an explanation of what cellular boosters are and what they can do. That sounds to me what the AT&T store sales rep was talking about when they said a "router" outside your house and inside your house. The staff at AT&T stores are pretty much clueless about those things, and that includes the MicroCell.


AT&T does offer a cellular booster but it is usually for a business environment. They are not cheap to install and operate. The MicroCell is NOT a cellular booster. It is a femtocell.


Your relative must have had a MicroCell sent to her a long time ago. Typically, AT&T stopped sending out free MicroCells years ago because at that time it was part of a promotional campaign. After that, Support would send one out to a customer but that was certainly not AT&T policy and was totally up to the CSR to do that or not. Even if you can get AT&T to send you a refurbed unit, it all depends on what kind of plan your employer has.


Sales of the MicroCell by AT&T were discontinued at the end of 2017 because the MicroCell has reached its EOL. Support by AT&T, such that it is, will continue until AT&T begins to dismantle their 3G network, probably by Q4 of this year. At that time, the MicroCell service itself will be discontinued. What AT&T, and us recommend now is WiFi-C (WiFi Calling) if your phone supports that.  The only other alternatives are a cellular booster (which I've already mentioned) if you can get at least one to two bars of cellular signal, or switch carriers.


However, for the MicroCell or WiFi-C to work on AT&T's network, you need to have a post paid AT&T cellular plan so you need to check with your employer to see what type of plan there is on your work phone.


MicroCell Technical Guide by OttoPylot

Cellular Booster Guide by OttoPylot

"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

I am not an AT&T employee.

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