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Question about 3GMicrocell and router access


Question about 3GMicrocell and router access

Ever since I set up my home network, (Cable ISP), I designed an easy access wall switch to cut power to the entire network, (Modem, router, and switches), when ever I wouldd go to bed or leave for work.  I figured I could get more years of service from my equipment if it wasn't on all the time.


Then, I got my home phone service through my cable ISP so I moved the modem power to a point before this switch so it would stay on so the phone would work even if my network was shut down.  When I got my first 3GMicrocell, (which I could never get to activate), I removed this switch all together so the Microcell would work all the time.  But now, I noticed that my Wii is powering up and talking to the Internet by itself for several hours a night.


I am getting ready to set up this new MicroCell and I want to follow every step perfectly, (even though I believe I did that for the first one, including making sure it had constant power), but I was wondering, if it does set up correctly and everything goes smoothly, is it possible to revert back to shutting down my router at night to keep my Wii from talking to the Internet all night?  Of course, this would mean the Microcell would not work at night or when we are away but that is not a big issue.  My only concern is whether it might cause additional activation problems for the MicroCell if the Microcell looses its Internet connection for periods during the night and while we are at work?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Question about 3GMicrocell and router access

I actually think that powering your stuff on and off will lead to a shorter lifespan for the equipment. The stresses that the power supply has to handle from being turned on and off are harder on them than just being constantly powered. Now the difference likely only is meaningful in a statistical sense - it's not going to be something that you're going to see a difference with yourself.


The only other reason to power down your network when you're not using it is to save money. The only way you could do that is if you had a pay-by-the-bit Internet connection or in electricity costs. Even if you pay for electricity at the exorbitant rate of 15 cents per KWH, a one watt draw is about a dollar a year. In return for saving that, you have the added inconvenience of remembering to turn it on and off and when you turn it on, you have to wait for the connection to be established.


The fact that the Wii is talking to the net when you're not using it is because it's checking for software updates.


I just wouldn't worry and leave your network on.



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Re: Question about 3GMicrocell and router access

I agree with nsayer's comments.   In addtion, I would suggest that for the best likelihood of the MicroCell coming back online it matters in what order the devices are powered up.  You should boot your cable modem first, then router, and then the MicroCell.


Putting them all on one power switch and turning them all on at the same time is not the best way to guarantee a good boot-up.

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Re: Question about 3GMicrocell and router access

Killing power to your equipment every night is more harmful than just leaving it on running 24/7.


Do you think that by turning it off at night will keep you any more secure than when you have it turned on during the day?  During the day your network is just as vulnerable.  I'm sure your not there monitoring all your packets during the day.  So disconnecting it at night offers no real benefit.


If your really adamant about disconnecting from the network you could have:

Cable Modem -> Router > Network Switch .. You can have all your devices plugged into the network switch and then that and your MicroCell on the router. 


Then 3 ways to disconnect.


  • Disconnect power - Damaging to equipment - Cost of switch replacement if it fails.
  • Disconnect ethernet cable connecting switch to router - contant plugging cable in and out of switch can damage connector on switch - Not convenient like hitting a wall switch to kill power to the switch.  Cost if replacement switch if it fails
  • Get a network A/B switch to go between the router and switch.  Then you can just turn the switch to disconnect the switch from the network.  These are not cheap (expensive) but would solve the issue of power surges and constant plugging/unplugging of cables.
http://goo.gl/Je9nd (I had to shorten the URL for this as too long - Its a CDW page).

I personally would just leave everything on.  If your really paranoid about security you'd want 24hr protection and could look at a hardware firewall, but that is overkill in a home environment.  If you have a router and run a firewall on your computers that is all you need.


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Re: Question about 3GMicrocell and router access

I REALLY appreciate everyones comments here.  It is so fantastic to find a forum where people actually read and care.  I think nsayer has made such a logical point that that is exactly what I'm going to do.  Plus, I don't have to deal with remembering that switch every day and night.  Makes life simpler.


Thank you ALL so much.

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