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MicrosCell Activation Pending


MicrosCell Activation Pending

I picked up a Microcell yesterday.  I have not be able to get it to activate, still shows activation pending.  I have it in Priority mode, direct connection from my cable modem.  3G bars have been blink since about 5:30pm yesterday.  other lights are solid.  I have my wireless plugged into the microcell.  wireless is working fine.


Can anyone give me any suggestions.


Thanks!!!!Smiley Mad

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Re: MicrosCell Activation Pending

My parents have Cox Internet service via cable modem. One quirk for them is that whenever they buy a new router (admittedly not very often), they cannot connect to the Internet for some period of time. I believe what's going on is that Cox is only allowing one DHCP lease per cable modem, meaning that anytime the MAC address changes you have to wait for the old lease to time out.


I'm not actually sure how the priority mode works. If it's presenting its own MAC address and proxying all of the traffic from the computer port, then the mac address would change, resulting in a new lease.


But then, I would expect NOTHING to work for you until the lease times out.


If priority mode works like a bridge, then you wind up with two MAC addresses on the network. But I wouldn't expect that to work for ISPs that only allow a single address at a time.


Priority mode could be implemented as a NAT router, but then people would wind up being double-NATs, which is not the textbook way of doing it either.


In short, it would be nice if we knew more technical details about how priority mode works within the microcell.


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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: MicrosCell Activation Pending

Spoke with tech on the phone.  He re-registered my microcell.  He said that something he has seen with the registration is the issue.  By capitalizing all the letters in the address, takes care of the problem.  I went home and cycled the power and 20 minutes later, I got an email saying that it was activated.  I have not been back home yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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Re: MicrosCell Activation Pending

I got home yesterday and had 5 bars.  I am not able to make and receive call at home. 


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Re: MicrosCell Activation Pending

Amazing. After a week on the phone with countless ATT techs, supervisors, even Uverse tech, this is what worked. Thank you twalker3rd!! And AT&T, get it together, please.
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Re: MicrosCell Activation Pending

You literally mean you made everthing upper case when you entered your address during registration?

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