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3G Cycles to Red Light EVERY DAY!


3G Cycles to Red Light EVERY DAY!

Every morning I have to cycle the unit by unplugging both sets of wires waiting 30 seconds and waiting for it to reaquire the signal.  Does drop from time to time durring the day as well.  I have solid GPS signal. The issue seems to be the network connection or 3G bars constatnly go to Red, sometimes blink, sometimes solid.


Since I have had this issue I ran cable so the network conection is coming directly from the DSL modem into the microcell and then out to my router. 


Seemed to work fine until December and this unit is driving me crazy!


I have also acivated and de activated the device? 


Any other suggestions or questions so I can help solve this issue?


In reading the forum it sounds like the unit or power brick may be an issue.  Should I just take it back to att?

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Re: 3G Cycles to Red Light EVERY DAY!

I didnt mean that they wouldnt try to help you, they have been very friendly when i called (several times) but for some reason they are not aware of, or can not speak of the antenna port.....one even told me it didnt have one or it wasnt "functional"......imo, this should be the FIRST thing that is tried when there is a problem (even IF the GPS says it is locked as mine did but really wasnt).......

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Re: 3G Cycles to Red Light EVERY DAY!

I'm sorry you had a poor experience when you called in for support. 


Our folks at ATTCustomerCare here and on Twitter/Facebook are dedicated to providing excellent support though social media. 


If you ever have an issue that we can help with, you're welcome to send them a PM as well. 


As of May 1st, I am no longer serving as the Community Manager for AT&T. This account will no longer be able to accept private messages.

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