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uverse internet keeps dropping


uverse internet keeps dropping

my internet connection keeps dropping every day 2 or 3 times and it is impacting my work. I am posting uv realtime data and please help to understand the data and to figure out any issues. 


Thanks for your help.




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Re: uverse internet keeps dropping

SomeJoe has provided great info, check All Programs to the UV Realtime tab and select the Main Doc and/or Tech Doc to get all the info/explanation about each point on each screen.


I'd wait another 24 hours and repost the Error Table when it gets more info for diagnostic help. Smiley Wink



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Re: uverse internet keeps dropping

From the error table, it looks like all of the errors are occuring in a burst -- the loss of signal, uncorrected blocks, retrains, etc. all occurred at the same time, about an hour & 35 minutes before you took that screen shot.


Bursty errors like this, combined with the other readings (no evidence of bridge tap on bitloading, proper max rate for your distance) points to a point source of line interference.


You should contact tier 2 and have them send a senior tech that can look for and eliminate these sources of interference. Possible sources include:

* Power line interference, such as:
* Fluorescent light ballasts
* High-intensity gas discharge lights like mercury vapor
* Grounding problems, such as improper ground at the NID, the pedestal, etc.
* Electrical system grounding problems, such as improper ground on the RG's outlet, the breaker panel, etc.
* HAM radio broadcasts in the HF band
* AM radio transmissions, such as a nearby radio station

Try to isolate any potential source of these problems and see if you can find one that eliminates the interference.



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Re: uverse internet keeps dropping

Thank You SomeJoe for your inputs. Tech is scheduled for tomorrow and i will ask him to check the sources you mentioned.





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Re: uverse internet keeps dropping

Did he fix it?
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