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This appears to be an issue for many others on M'soft forums that is unique to att. "We couldn't sign in to your POP3 server. Please make sure your username and password are correct." No changes in my username or the account settings. Using Yahoo webmail, the Outlook client on my Windows 7 PC and mobile email on Microsoft Windows Phone 8 all work just fine when connecting with att email directly. Anyone know a solution?


Also, data usage for my att email on my phone has skyrocketed. Don't know if that's related or not.

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Re: can't sign in to att server

@shadydale, are you still having problems with this? Send us a private message here and we'll gladly help. 

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Re: can't sign in to att server

Did you figure this out as i have tried even chainging to the new outgoing server  link with no luck

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Re: can't sign in to att server

This has been a continuing problem with ATT and Bellsouth.  There is something wrong with their email servers.  Please see this thread for some history about this:  My bellsouth email continuously asks for a password.  Apparently the ATT tech that goes by the name of jamileh was able to get someone's attention the last time and the problem was resolved for a few months.  Now it is back again on both my wife's and my computer.  We use totally different operating systems and totally different email clients so I am sure again the problem is with ATT.  Hopefully someone can contact jamileh and find out how he or she was able to get the problem resolved the last time.  At least in my and my wife's case if we wait a while it will finally accept our passwords even though we haven't done anything different.  That is another clue that it has to be a problem on the other end.  Somtimes it accepts mine and rejects her's and sometimes it is the other way around and sometimes it won't accept either one.




I also have to agree ATT customer support is about the poorest I have ever seen from any company.

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