nvg510 service light red

nvg510 service light red

My router around 3:30 each day or around that time gets a red light on the service box. i have a motorola nvg510 and ever since i got it it has been doing this to me. I have called att countless times and have had a repair man come just to say, yea theres a problem here....well call me again if its still a problem. I need help please does anyone know how to fix this. The error is about not being able to detect dsl or something around there. I know theres a dsl filter when it was first installed someone installed one for me so im sure thats not an issue.
i hope someone can help me

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Re: nvg510 service light red

I have this too.  The serice man who cam out earlier in the week gave me his cell number.  I called to let him know it was happening again and he said they are having a loto of the happening.  I cant blame him for being honest, I just wish they would get their act together.  My old DSL (speedstream 5100) was MUCH more reliable.

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