email sign in each time


email sign in each time

Since Bellsouth (part of ATT/Yahoo email) did the new webmail, I have to sign in EVERY TIME I use my email.  My phone and Kindle apps are hard to sign in with, and it's a nuisance on the laptop.  Is there anyway to keep access to email open for more than a few minutes?


If not, how can we persuade ATT that's a bad system.?  Their customer service is already the most inaccessible that I know of.

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Re: email sign in each time

I have the same problem over and over since the AT&T YAHOO email upgrade  I put my password in, I check the box to keep signed in then it goes to another screen to keep signed in for two week.  Which is good....I have does this before, but now I get another log in with my passwork screen with a  log in check box in yellow and you can hardly see the words.  Then when I click the faded yellow box I get my email.  Very frustratng!!! Too many key strokes for email.

I want my old email back.  I wonder if it has to do with U-verse since I upgraded my DSL to Pro U-verse which AT&T

said they were upgrading customers from DSL to U-verse.  I hope someone can answer this.  Thank you.

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