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deleting "sent" emails from folder


deleting "sent" emails from folder

Is there a shortcut to delete a large selection of emails from my "sent" folder?  Previously, those emails were viewed 50 to a page so it was not time consuming deleting them.  Now, it appears that I have to individually select ones I wish to delete....or delete them all which I would rather not do.  I'm currently using Windows 8 & Firefox.  Thank you.

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Re: deleting "sent" emails from folder

Click the far left check box in the header just above your first list item - this selects all, then click the trash can "Delete" icon just above the check box.




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Re: deleting "sent" emails from folder

Thank you for the response.? However, I do not wish to delete all of them.? Usually I just want to delete about half that has accumulated in my sent folder.? To do that, it seems I have to individually check the ones I want to delete and that can get tedious.? Any other way to do this??? Thanks.

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