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can't delete emails from my Yahoo mail account


can't delete emails from my Yahoo mail account

  I am not easily able to delete any emails.  I use Yahoo Mail through AT&T and my normal browser is Firefox.  I click on one or more emails, and then click on delete.  the emails USUALLY disappear immediately (sometimes nothing happens at all, and I need to refresh the screen and start over), but then the next time I get a new email, all the old ones are back in the inbox.  I tried emptying the trash, and sometimes that works, but I have to do it every time I delete one or more emails.  And that doesn't always work, sometimes I get an error message that it is temporarily not working.  Usually, when I click on delete, I can see that the message is gone for a moment, but the number of messages in my trash file has not increased, so they are simply hiding, waiting to return.  I tried using Chrome but had the same problem with emails not deleting.  I have run my spyware programs, Adaware, Malwarebytes, Mcafee and Ashampoo Windows Optimizer, with nothing coming of it.  I'm sick of this not working, it takes me ten times as long to get through my emails

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Re: can't delete emails from my Yahoo mail account

Hey there dragynmyrlin.  Thanks for registering for the forums.  You can manage your trash folder by hovering the  cursor over the Trash folder to see the trash can icon. Then select the trash can to empty your trash.   It appears however that you are experiencing another issue.  Could you click ATTUverseCare and send a private message please?  In that message please provide your name (first/last) email address, contact number and a good time for you to be reached.


Please reference back to this post and also provide any additional details that may help in researching the issue.  We have a great team of experts that are available to assist you.  After receipt of your message, you will hear from a specialist directly!


Thanks for your post!  ~Delia

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Re: can't delete emails from my Yahoo mail account

I am trying to send you a private message but now I cannot send email at all.  Can I call you since I don't want to post my phone number on a public forum? 

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Re: can't delete emails from my Yahoo mail account

Clear out your Cache from the Settings menu.

Click General

Click Mail

Clear Cache

then select the Clear cache button it takes a minute or two and when it takes you back to your mail you have no problem deleting mail.

Worked for me on my Android Phone!!!


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