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can't delete email


can't delete email

I can't delete email (when open or not), nor can I access the spam folder. None of the links on the left side work. I've had this email account for several years without this problem. I am using IE10 with cookies allowed. (BTW I can open email, but whether open or not it won't delete.)

It works with another browser -- but I don't want to use another browser!

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Re: can't delete email, email not functioning properly

Can't open spam folder & delete, can't open trash folder & delete, can't underline, italicize or make bold in my email.


 Now & then I can but email works erratically. I just read in the newspaper that someone else bought out ATT & I strongly believe this might have something to do with this.


A while ago when ATT upgraded their email I had much trouble. Had called tech support & they screwed my email up much more. It's never been right since. Now I am having all these additional troubles. The rest of my computer is working fine so I feel it's the fault of ATT but the techs don't have a clue as to whta's going on so if you call them they will only muddy the waters.

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Re: can't delete email, email not functioning properly

Where is this "Community Support Team"? Where is ATT customer service? NON-EXISTENT! I'm leaving ATT!  I said, I'M LEAVING ATT!

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Re: can't delete email, email not functioning properly

Hello @froygle 


I'm sorry you're having issues with your email. This is a peer to peer community, but you can reach a Social Media Care team by sending a private message here. email service is hosted and operated by Yahoo, have you had a chance to contact Yahoo support about your issue yet? Here is a link to Yahoo Help page.


Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Thank you,


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