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attach document to e mail

Re: attach document to e mail

There are still problems. Yesterday I could attach a pdf just fine with the new format. Today, no such luck. So I switched to 'basic' email format and was able to attach that way. Sigh.

Also sent ATT my feedback. Double sigh.

I run Google Chrome and have Windows 7 for anybody else out there struggling with this.

Sue from Centerville

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Re: attach document to e mail

Hello, I'm new to this forum. Yesterday, 7/8/13, my at&t email changed to the 'new' version and now I can

no longer add attachments to my emails. On Sunday I was able to do this.  I also cannot seem to change

back to the 'old' version of at&t email or 'classic' version.  This is a huge problem because I am transferring

my 'job' to another person.


Anyone have any advise? Tomorrow I am calling a technician. Thanks!


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Re: attach document to e mail

I now have Windows 8 and my e-mail compose options on left side do not even include attachment;  also didn't see attach at the top,  No way to "browse" to click on what I want to attach, anyway.

verna bell wrote:

All my attachments were attaching to the e mail before the new and improved platform was launched. 


Not able to attach anything since.  I need to send an attachment. Help!


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Re: attach document to e mail

My issue is that I click the button to add an attachment, and nothing happens. The window to find the document and open it never appears.

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