att supply network interface device


att supply network interface device

building a new home - rural area, serviced by ATT.


Does ATT supply the network interface device? or do I need to supply it and have it prewired and ready for them?  was reading on ATT's website about a new iNID ("intelligent" NID).... didn't explain it real well, can someone break down whether that is something I should consider or if it's unnecssary for DSL/POTS?


There is a ATT "box" that feeds the neighboring home, this box is on the property line.  do I assume there is enough lines in that box to feed my home too?  The neighboring home has DSL, should I just assume I can get DSL too?


my power feed will come from that same area (i.e. the transformer will be set next to this existing phone box), do I drop conduit in the ground when we trench the power for ATT to pull through?  or do i need to trench that separately?


any guidance or help would be appreciated.  if this is answered elsewhere feel free to just drop some links as answers....

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Re: att supply network interface device

The NID is responsibility of AT&T. The iNID is a device that was used to deploy U-Verse services for certain set-ups. I believe it is being phased out, in favour of the Motorola NVG589 Residential Gateway. You cannot assume you'll be able to receive service. (There are a series of situations where you cannot obtain service from that box.) You can, however have AT&T investigate if service is available at your address. I advise you to send ATTCustomerCare a private message with a description of your situation, your phone number, and the best time to contact you. They will get you in touch the with appropriate department within 2-3 business days. Keep an eye out for a blue flashing envelope on the to right of the site. It'll alert you when you have a new PM. 

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