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Yahoo E-Mail Stinks


Yahoo E-Mail Stinks

I pay each month for Inernet access, and have to put up with Yahoo, their ads and the biased opinons that they bombard me with each time I check my mail. Why cant I have an E-Mail service that is just that,    EMAIL!

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Re: Yahoo E-Mail Stinks

I switched to AOL webmail - have had not problems - got rid of Yahoo in Feb - Hope this helps

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Re: Yahoo E-Mail Stinks

Agree - and now spam is going out and I can't change password - nobobyd at att knows anything about yahoo, and you can't get yahoo to answer. you cant send them the spam with headers to trace, they don't care. And part of my ATT bill pays for this "service" from yahoo. ATT - DUMP YAHOO!!!
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Re: Yahoo E-Mail Stinks

I want to place my vote that paying for internet service should not obligate me to be stuck with an advertizing based email.  I feel like I have taken a step backwards.


Did try to go back to MS office, but ATT serice blocks that from happening.


I will be moving away from ATT as soon as I have a viable option.  Maybe if enough of us take that step they will wake up!  As much as I hate it, cable is looking better and better.

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