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Xbox Live connection error with Uverse router


Xbox Live connection error with Uverse router

Would anyone be so kind and assist with the following:

I have had major problems getting my Xbox slim to update with the latest update version, which was sent out on August 26th, 2013, I still have not updated my system, due to what Xbox themselves is calling a connection problem between the console and the router. I have been chatting with them on and off and they suggested the following solution:

1.Set the router encryption type to WEP or WPA instead of WPA2. WPA2 is known to have stability issues with game consoles.

2. Set the router NAT settings to allow all connections instead of moderate or strict.

3. Open the following ports on the router: Port 88 (UDP), Port 3074 (UDP and TCP), Port 53 (UDP and TCP) and Port 80 (TCP).

Josh: Once you are able to set all the three settings, please run a sequence powercycle (turn off modem, router and console for 1 minute) in order for the changes to take effect.


Since I am not that tech savvy, can anyone assist? I know how to get on to the router settings via an internet browser, but I do not know what to change to make the above happen and I can finally download the needed update

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Re: Xbox Live connection error with Uverse router

Hi @brnswe 


Are you using AT&T's router and/or, which make/model do you have?




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