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Wiring my home for UVerse


Wiring my home for UVerse

This may be a beginner question, so any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated.  


We are current UVerse customers. We are purchasing a previously owned home, built in 1994, and I would really like to wire the house so we can have in-wall jacks upstairs across 3 floors (basement, main, and upstairs). Both the husband and I work from home, so having a wired connection gives me the peace of mind that I'm not getting interference and I'm not going to have issues with wireless. 


Can anyone share any suggestions on what or how I should have my house wired before I get U-verse installed when we move? I'm assuming the U-verse installers cannot do the wiring for me and I will have to buy my own switch/router to split my connections to go all over the house?

I've seen ppl mention using Coax vs Cat5 vs Cat6, but I don't think a switch/router can use Coax? Wouldn't it use Cat5 or Cat6?

I'm going to contact some local electricians about doing this work for me.


Thanks in advance!


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Re: Wiring my home for UVerse

Your concept of local hire is best, ideally determine central 1st floor location for wire closet and have a cat5 wired to each desired location with wall plates. Also recommend running coax to same locations from central wiring point. Why, you do not know the type of install if this is an iNID then hardwired TVs work best on coax based on inid design. All new construction I have seen are doing dual wiring installs to same wall plate..question what is the current setup? Cable? Dish? Uverse already? Would your desired locations match current configuration saving time and money.

A uverse tech can install new wiring but may drilled thru floors if cannot access for wall fishes, wire may be run out basement, up side of house and brought back in to wall plate. Without knowing layout and obstructions hard to say how much time this would add to install, I know of 3 box installs taking nine plus hours or less than two if existing wire fir pug and pay, each install is different.

Finished basement? Complicates issues which is why hiring a professional wire installer is best if you want the job done to your specific plans.
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