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Why won't AT&T let me check my U-verse Internet usage?


Why won't AT&T let me check my U-verse Internet usage?

I tried to check my U-verse Internet usage today for the last 3 monthly billing cycles. It is an unlimited usage account. Why won't AT&T let me know my monthly usage, so I can switch to a cheaper plan, or compeditor, if my usage doesn't make unlimited necessary? I had 2 customer service agents and one technical support agent, work for 2 hours and they could not answer my simple question.

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Re: Why won't AT&T let me check my U-verse Internet usage?

AT&T simply does not provide a tool to measure your Internet Usage for U-verse customers.


The third party tool at, can be used to track your usage if you so desire.


While I'm here, technically, your U-verse HSI isn't unlimited.  The terms of service state that after 250 GB of usage in a single billing cycle, AT&T can charge you for each additional 10 GB.  However, since there is NOT a tool available to monitor your usage, AT&T currently does not enforce that cap.  Practically, then, U-verse HSI is just about unlimited.


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Re: Why won't AT&T let me check my U-verse Internet usage?

Be happy that it's still unlimited.  Others on these forums, including myself, don't want capped Internet.  Myself, I'm half way through my billing period and according to UV Realtime I've used nearly 150 GBs of Internet data.


From what I've read from various sources, AT&T has no plans to cap their uVerse Internet users.  They do cap their old style grandfathered ADSL (not uVerse ADSL+) users at 150 GBs a month but as of late they don't cap their uVerse Internet users.


Someone from DSLReports asked AT&T why legacy DSL users are getting capped and why uVerse users aren't.  Their response was this...

"Due to the greater capacity of the U-verse architecture as compared to legacy DSL, we have not prioritized implementation of applicable usage allowances."


The problem with that explanation?  Numerous people who work directly on the AT&T fixed line network have told DSLReports repeatedly over the years that neither AT&T's DSL or U-Verse networks see any meaningful congestion -- and that any congestion issues (usually peak) aren't helped by monthly usage restrictions.  Contrary to company narratives, imposing caps has never been about network management.


Like most caps and overages applied to fixed line networks from various other ISPs including Comcast, SuddenLink, and other ISPs that cap user's Internet access, it is about making more money while muzzling the potential threat of Internet video on TV revenues.  Let it be known, usage caps are not about limiting usage.  The only thing usage caps serves are the stockholders.

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