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Why does my email account keep timing out?


Why does my email account keep timing out?

When I sign in to my email account, even though I check "keep me signed in for 2 weeks" every few minutes a box comes up saying that my session has timed out and I have to sign in again. That box also has a "keep me signed in" feature to check. This happens even when I am actively reading or writing emails (as opposed to just keeping the email window open while doing other things on the web in other tabs/windows). Sometimes I get this "your session has timed out" box only 2 minutes after signing in. This is something new - it has only started happening in the past week or so. Is there anything I can do to make this stop?

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Re: Why does my email account keep timing out?

Hmmm... I *MAY* have found a solution - I just found the exact same problem posted in the Uverse section of these boards under topic "Why does my email session keep expiring?"


Here's what someone replied:


You need to have session cookies enabled in order to kep yourself logged into your account. To enable session cookies on IE9, click on the gear icon at the top right corner then click on "Internet options". When the settings window opens, click on "Privacy" tab. Click on "Advanced", check the "Override automaticcookie handling" and then check the "Always allow session cookies".

Press OK and you will be done.


I have just made the suggested changes and will now wait and see if it fixes the problem. Since this timeout has been happening during every session, I should know soon enough. I'll give it a day or two and then report back.

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Re: Why does my email account keep timing out?

OK... I can now report that taking the above steps had NO effect, and my email still keeps timing out. Only now, sometimes the box says my session has timed out, and sometimes it says that need to have me reenter my user name and password as a security precaution. Still, that box also asks if I want to stay signed in. And AGAIN, it does NOT keep me signed in, not even for the duration of one active session.

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