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Why Does Yahoo not test their web mail client BEFORE they release it!!!


Why Does Yahoo not test their web mail client BEFORE they release it!!!

I have been on since it was, about 20 years.  And ever since ATT passed it on to Yahoo, it has been one disaster after another!  This latest one is the worst ever.  For example looking at a list without preview panel on is extremely frustrating.  You click on an item, it moves down to bottom of the screen and then you have to click on it again to view it.  Then if the body is longer than the window, every thing scrolls up including the header line that includes the up, down, delete, forward, etc.  The only way that you can get the header line to stay is to go to preview pane setup and even if adjusted every thing is too small to do much with all of the fluff, fluff that is on the screen.


And then there is error 15, every time I open the mailbox it want me to accept the same policy as last time and upon accepting it, it gives the error 15, and then it needs a retry to actually get to the inbox.  Of course, this is only a temporarily condition, yeah right!


Even when I signed up for this forum, the verification e-mail went to their spam folder where none of the links worked.  I was able to get it sent again and this time it went to the inbox, where it was supposed to have the first time.  It says something about a company that sends an e-mail for confirmation and it ends up as spam :-)


And then there is the speed problem.  I have waited for at least a minute just to empty the trash or spam folder (as there is no indication anything is happening).  Then try to change to the inbox after that will take a while as well.  Oh well, time for another drink anyway.


I wonder how many other people are having the same or similar problems?


It just does not seem much quality control or testing was done before it was forced down our throats.  And the problems I have mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg.  I have written to them previously with problems, but have not received any correspondence from them.  So, same oh, same oh.



Yes it is venting, but it get so frustrating at time to see such poor design and implementation pushed and new and improved.


Any solutions and help with these problems would be appreciated.


Running Window 7, IE10, att dsl line.


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Re: Why Does Yahoo not test their web mail client BEFORE they release it!!!

I do not use preview pane, so I can't respond to that issue.


However I can talk to speed. I changed to Google Chrome and stopped use Internet Explorer as my browser.  All the slower speed problems disappeared.


The ad appeared to the right encouraging me to upgrade IE, and I did. But what a mistake because response time slowed down and sometimes even stopped responding.

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Re: Why Does Yahoo not test their web mail client BEFORE they release it!!!

I'm on Chrome and the new e-mail is slow and buggy. Sometimes I can get e-mail addresses to populate. Sometimes it takes minutes or a restart. Attachments works some days and not others--I get error messages that there was something wrong with my attachment, please delete & retry. This goes on for 4 or 5 attempts then I have to restart Chrome and hope something changes. This has been going on for a month now and I still haven't seen a response from AT&T or Yahoo. I think the idea is to get us to move somewhere else and I'm taking the hint.

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Re: Why Does Yahoo not test their web mail client BEFORE they release it!!!

Yes, my kids often nag me to switch to Chrome whenever I have speed issues with IE, so I now have both on my desktop. Every time when IE is killing me, I switch to Chrome, which is indeed faster, but gmail sucks, as it has too many messy stuff that makes it difficult to read and send emails, which is why I'm still sticking to IE (old habits die hard). Of course, I can use Chrome to access my account but I've to type in the URL whenever I'm on Chrome. All said and done, I do agree that Chrome is faster and has less problems than IE.
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Re: Why Does Yahoo not test their web mail client BEFORE they release it!!!

benitus - you mention typing in URL each time you use Google Chrome.


Have you thought about adding websites you visit frequently to your Chrome Bookmarks Bar? Then will be right there for you to select each time. 


Or have you considered importing your favorites from your IE browser to your Google Chrome browser? Pretty easy process.


In Google Chrome go to Help and use the search box to get instructions.

Search for
"import bookmarks"

"bookmarks bar"

"create bookmarks"


I'll admit it's different than IE, and took awhile to get used to it, but it works. And certainly better than fooling with IE and Yahoo mail.

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Re: Why Does Yahoo not test their web mail client BEFORE they release it!!!

I am about to reluctantly conclude that I have to cut all ties with AT&T.  The landline service to my home is out frequently for varying lenghts of time and not the email doesn't work well with Chrome.  I really don't think they care.

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