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When will FTTP get a speed tier above 18/1.5?


When will FTTP get a speed tier above 18/1.5?

I'm in Sacramento, CA, and can only get the 18Mbps tier (max plus). It's a newer community (built 6 years ago), and I was told that it is FTTP (and confirmed with the Uverse Realtime program). Ever since they "released" the 24 Mb tier, I was told that FTTP people would eventually get upgraded. Now it looks like the 45 Mbps tier is available in most markets, and available in Sacramento, but again us FTTP people are getting left out for no apparent reason.

Anyone know when us lowly FTTP customers will get some love?
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Re: When will FTTP get a speed tier above 18/1.5?

I believe that the problem with FTTP is that AT&T deployed it such that each customer got a flxed slice of the fiber pie, without the flexibility of profiles like the copper deployments.  Redoing this scheme is apparently not trivial.


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Re: When will FTTP get a speed tier above 18/1.5?

Depends on your fiber network connection bpon or gpon... http://searchtelecom.techtarget.com/definition/passive-optical-network
Bpon max 622M shared by up to 32 connections (19.4M per connection).... this is older fiber installs most likely yours from 6 years ago build.
Gpon has larger bandwidth, still shared up to 32 accounts per fiber. Newer 2012, 2013 builds are gpon just need setup .
Older bpon installs would need hardware upgrade before provisioning, as project VIP of which higher speeds are part of scheduled for completion by end 2015
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Re: When will FTTP get a speed tier above 18/1.5?

Your AT&T link is dead (or at least it takes me to a Page Not Found error).


But, if I understand your post, essentially I need to wait until possibly the end of 2015 to see a speed upgrade? When you mention hardware upgrade, is that an upgrade on equipment at my home (either inside or outside), or some kind of hub/splitter that sits out and away from my home? Can I call AT&T support, and request a hardware upgrade?

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Re: When will FTTP get a speed tier above 18/1.5?

Probably wanted this link:

http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=23506&cdvn=news&newsarticleid=35661&mapcode=corporate Smiley Wink



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