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Seems most Internet companies offer free web space to thier customers, Does ATT? If so how do I access it "the server"? so I can upload my website?
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Re: Web Space

Hello cranium,

Thank you for contacting us through this forums.
I would like to explain that if you High Speed Internet services, you can go to, sign up for PWP, and host your website there for free.
To get more information about the same and for billing, technical support, sales or ordering questions related to AT&T Yahoo! shared Web Hosting, use the link mentioned below:
You may also call at: 866-722-9932, 866-SBC-YWEB They are open 24/7.

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Re: Web Space

But if you have Dial up - we used to - but it was taken away as was the accelerator. So you can pay a premimiun - I went to a hosting company and got hosting for alot less - they dont tell you that you can not have a domain name! Sevice thru ATT has gotten really bad and no extras.
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Re: Free Personal Web Space

I went to the link provided (which may not be current since it was from 2009, but I can't find the place to register as it says:

FTP Server Access


Creation Process


Step 1: Register to create your PWP user account.  WHERE?????

Step 2: Build your Personal Web page space.

Step 3: Once you have finshed, you will have a page that looks like this:

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Re: Free Personal Web Space

"Beginning September 12, 2012, you can no longer create a new Personal webpage. We will continue to support existing pages."


More info here:  AT&T Personal webpage


So unless you already have personal web pages (PWP), you are out of luck.  I moved my websites to KVC Hosting 2 years ago and have been very satisfied with their service.

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Re: Free Personal Web Space


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Re: Free Personal Web Space

Hello, Gadget_1


Your post says "Beginning September 12, 2012, you can no longer create a new Personal webpage. We will continue to support existing pages."


I have had one of these Personal webpages since April of 2011. When I tired to connect to host and upload changes my connection timed out without connecting. Over the last 4 days I have made numerous attempts to determine the problem. At the end, Technical Support told me that these pages are no longer support at all.


Is this true or am I just talking to the wrong people?

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Re: Free Personal Web Space

I am also having the same problem.  I have had a personal web page hosted by att/bellsouth for last 12 years and today cannot access my web pages or the ftp site ( where i would normally upload my files.  I have spent 2.5 hours with over 7 technical support people...mostly from the phillipines...and can not get any answers or a solution.  To put it bluntly...YOU GUYS SUCK!


please explaine what is going on...


I can be reached at [edited for privacy]


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Re: Web Space

Me too, I have had my site on (FTP updates to or for almost 5yrs... this happened about a year ago and I also waisted 2+hrs of my life calling the helpdesks...I started at the DSL helpdesk and got pushed from place to place but no one knew who supported or what I was talking about.  After many transfers someone could only find the announcement that NEW pages are not supported.   They had ZERO info regarding how to support those pages that already existed.    A few days later the pwp ftp site was available again.   


Anyway, today I tried to update and found I couldn't connect.  Then I found this thread.


It is depressing to come here and find that it has actually been down for at least two full weeks.  Especially since I am paying for this service.

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