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Very slow connection with DSL


Very slow connection with DSL

Isn't it amazing that for AT&T getting half the speed you're supposed to get is acceptable to them? I wonder if they would also find paying half the bill acceptable.

I signed up for 3.0 which was the best I could get. They switched me to the basic recently under the explanation that they are working on Uverse in our area. No warning, No notification just crappy DSL. Today I am getting .49 download and .15 upload. Things won't even load.

It seems they could have warned me about this when I signed up last November. By the way I also paid to get out of my contract with Exceed when I moved and took the AT&T at my new house.

AT&T service stinks. Speed was 2. something when tech was here. It gets slower by the week. I'm disgusted. I would recommend this service to NO ONE.

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Re: Very slow connection with DSL

Hello @yeehatoo Welcome to the Forums!


Unfortunately there are so many factors that might be affecting your Internet speeds. Are you using wired or wireless connections? Were you getting the full 3 Mbps initially? You said U-verse was rolling out in your area, have you checked to see if it's available to you yet?




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Re: Very slow connection with DSL

We are using wired connections. I had service out because of the
extremely slow speeds and our systems are fine and service guy was
pulling 240 or so but that basically went out the drive with his truck.
AT&T knows we are not getting 3.0 and because of that we have been
downgraded to a lower plan. .49 and .63 and .64 totally is dial up in my
book. I did not sign up for dial up. I paid to get out of my Satellite
plan early to get AT&T ...... boy am I sorry for that.

SUPPOSEDLY U-verse will be available in JUNE. AT&T is assuming that our
lines have been pulled because of this, who knows but your service
stinks and I would recommend you to NOBODY. Nobody knows and most that
you talk to only know about U-verse and have never even been trained on
the DSL. I have spent hours on the phone with your people and on hold
forever and ever.

[Email removed for your privacy]

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Re: Very slow connection with DSL

Ever since they announced that our area now has u verse, is when all this trouble started. All was fine before this. We don't want U verse. We have a business here at home that is being affected BADLY by the slow wi fi....we're not looking for more trouble., or expense. We've read the threads. We have no faith that U verse will help anything, feel, in fact, that we'd be getting ourselves into a worse nightmare. I'm sorry that our cell phones depend on our wifi network too. At&t is becoming nothing but a huge disappointment. Thank God they're not the only game in town anymore. Don't they realize this? FYI: we live in South Fla. SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!! and losing money!!!!! Our customer service is going down because of our association with At&T


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