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U-verse Internet connection problems


U-verse Internet connection problems

I had U-verse installed August 2nd and they installer said he has a small problem with my internet but said he had fixed it.


Since then I've had problems with the internet about once or twice a day losing connections.  But today I have lost connetion over 30+ times since around 9pm (eastern). I've tried connecting to a Tech through the chat service and kept getting disconnected. 


I've tried resetting the RG. (as the trouble shooting said on the website once I was able to get it to connect long enough)


Plus my PS3 can't connect long enough to update itself.

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Re: U-verse Internet connection problems

Welcome to Uverse!  Sorry you're having issues.


Download UVRT at
Post screenshots of these tabs:
Error Table
Coax/HPNA (unless you are all Ethernet)

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Re: U-verse Internet connection problems

Me too.  I have had wire and premise technicians come out nearly on a daily basis for eight weeks.  ANy solution for you?

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Re: U-verse Internet connection problems

The technician had to run a direct telephone line from the box outside to the RG to make it work. Fixed the problem after he forgot his drill and ladder and used mine....
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Re: U-verse Internet connection problems

Vurry - Maybe the first tech did not have tools either, but was afraid to ask. No, thats not it. Your wiring was questionable, but he thought he would take the chance that it would work. It didn't & needed a second dispatch to install it the right way. Glad it's working & thanks for letting us know.
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Re: U-verse Internet connection problems

It was the same tech both times. I know my wiring was bad. To much static in the lines for proper communication. As far as the tools he said he forgot his drill at the last house and he did not want to bother getting his ladder off his truck. It did put a bad taste in my mouth with u-verse, but I've been with AT&T for 10 years and wasn't going to let it change my view of the company. It is all fixed now and I can not complain.
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Re: U-verse Internet connection problems

Also... I enjoy the sarcasm Aviewer... The tech knew it was faulty when he left during the installation. The second time I was charged for him "taking a chance" during the installation and was told to deal with the charge since I had to call him back. Please do not get sarcastic when you do not know the situation.
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Re: U-verse Internet connection problems

Vurry, if your install was a full tech installation and not a CSI (customer install, box is shipped to you) then you do not have to deal with. FTI has minimum 30 days coverage on entire install including wiring issues. After 30 days the wiring becomes a part of your home, your responsibility unless you purchase the wire maintenance plan for a monthly charge.

If this was a CSI, tech only gets sync to house, all inside wiring your responsibility, if need a tech to come back out and assist or rewire then billable $99.

Your soultion was a homerun, wire from NID to RG, cat5, ....what RG? And was this a CSI? In order to have more complete details, thanks.
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Re: U-verse Internet connection problems

It was the full install. The tech came back out within 2 days of the original installation. But this was also two years ago and no one took interest in it when I called to ask about the charge when it happened, so I doubt anything will happen now. He ran a direct phone line from RG to the nid wireless router/modem (since it serves as both).
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