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Think Impossible!


Think Impossible!

I called AT&T on Sunday to get the internet turned on. I am a wireless for 10 years with no complaints about the phone, no complaints about AT&T the whole time except one that got taken care of.

But as far as the Internet, I laughed when I turned my phone and saw Think Possible. Maybe with phones.

With the Internet, it's more like Think Impossible.

On Sunday I signed up for DSL. The AT&T person said somebody would be out Wednesday. She said they would call on Tuesday to schedule.

No call on Tuesday by 4 pm. It is really critical for me to have the Internet on here by Friday. That has to do with work, not watching stuff on uverse anyway, it is critical to have the net by Friday so I called AT&T.

Really stupid of me, I know, but I let the woman talk me into switching to uverse. But when she said she was going to reschedule, I said, "no, don't reschedule anything. DO NOT RESCHEDULE." I told her that having the Internet turned on was critical--uverse was not, is not, will never be critical.

She went away and came back and said she got uverse scheduled for the same time. I believed her.

I asked if somebody was gonna call to schedule and she said yeah, by 8 o'clock.

8 o'clock rolled around. No call.

I usually keep my phone turned off, not even with me when I leave my office, at work. Tuesday I had to keep it turned on and carry it around. The good part was AT&T didn't call at a bad time. That was a plus.

So anyway, I call AT&T.

AT&T tells me they are coming out Friday.

I hit the ceiling. At that point, AT&T had told me twice somebody was gonna call and that my schedule wasn't going to be changed.

Nothing they told me had stood up. I should have hung up and called Time Warner. But AT&T got the schedule straight.

So the AT&T tech shows up and starts talking about uverse and I said, can you do DSL instead? He says I will have to cancel this order. I said, no, I am not doing that.

I have had DSL before so I knew it would work.

Before I left work to meet the tech, I told my boss I had to meet somebody at my house. He could take that to mean I might be gone a couple hours.

Well, four hours later I told the tech, look, I have to go back to work. I didnt say I was gone all day.

He had just heard me call AT&T and schedule having the land line turned on. The woman at AT&T tried to sell me other features and I told her, I don't need that. I am having this turned on for dial up Internet. She tried to talk about uverse. She said it was faster. I told her what was critical was the Internet, not uverse and this was fast enough. She said they would turn it on today.

The tech told me when he was leaving, "call back and get the DSL turned on. They can turn that on just as quick as a phone."

I thanked him for telling me that.

When I called about that, AT&T said they don't offer DSL in my area. They don't offer it--it's not that they can't do it.

Think Impossible.

So I asked if my home phone was scheduled to be turned on, just to check on that. They couldn't say whether it was or wasn't. But I can plug in a phone and figure that one out.

If anybody knew how much I am hating calling Time Warner for the Internet. I might hate it, but I know Time Warner will get it turned on. I hate calling Time Warner. I don't think AT&T minds. But I hate the idea so much that when this cell phone contract is up, AT&T's gig is going to be up.

If AT&T is doing so well that they don't need my business, that is great. I am glad they have done well.

And it's also fine with me if they need my business because I never have had any trouble finding somebody to take my money.
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Re: Think Impossible!

Hello @JaxCraz 


I apologize for any confusion. DSL expansion has ended some time ago, U-verse is replacing it and where U-verse is available, DSL can not be installed. Please let us know if you need any help with U-verse installation, our team will be happy to assist.


Thank you,


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