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Slow internet speeds to my closest city


Slow internet speeds to my closest city

My speed tests are indicating that connections to Chicago are very slow, even though I am located in a northern suburb of that city.  Speeds to any other city are near my maximum of 12 MB per sec.  I am seeing this on two PC's connected to my UVERSE modem.  No other devices are plugged into the modem.  What is causing this?

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Re: Slow internet speeds to my closest city

I am going to answer my own posting.


After two days of constant speed checking with the AT&T speedtest and SpeakEasy speed test finding

the Chicago connection way down in speed, it finally came back up this evening.  Strangely, I did nothing

to either of my two PC's that should have made a difference.  Most likely, the server people in Chicago did something to fix this, or less likely, AT&T fixed it.  I will never know, for sure.  I will just keep monitoring the speed through the Chicago server to see if it drops again.  If anyone has a better explanation, I would certainly like to hear it.



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Re: Slow internet speeds to my closest city

I spoke too soon.  Here it is 7:47 PM local time and the speed through the Chicago Servers is back again

to it's crawling pace (about 1 MB/sec).  What is going on here?

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Re: Slow internet speeds to my closest city

This problem is still there.


I think it shows up at peak usage times during the day.  I think there is too many users and activity on

my line either from the UVERSE portion or the general Chicago portion.  Is anyone else experiencing

these slow downs?


I see many of these postings on this board never get viewed and some are never answered.  Maybe

I need to go elsewhere for help.

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Re: Slow internet speeds to my closest city

Hello @sherwindu 


Are you actually experiencing any connection or speed issues with your service? It can simply be that the speed test server in Chicago is slower. I see a similar thing using near Pittsburgh, if I select NJ or even Florida I see double the speeds vs. Pittsburgh and I'm in Pittsburgh. Not sure why that it, but if you don't actually have any specific issues with your connection, I wouldn't worry about it as all speed tests are estimated and fluctuate from city to city.




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Re: Slow internet speeds to my closest city

This is a problem with congestion on my feed.  The speeds vary with the peak times of usage.  AT&T is just burying their heads and refusing to address this issue.

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