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SECURITY ALERT email message


SECURITY ALERT email message

I received an email stated SECURITY ALERT, that my account had been used from a different location, and I needed to click on a link to verify account. Is this a legit email?


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Re: SECURITY ALERT email message

Hello, buffaloegal!


Thanks for posting. You're right to be skeptical of any suspicious emails containing links. Do you happen to have a screenshot of the email you received? What email address appears under "Sent from?" Take a moment to review the information below.


"Here are some questions to ask if you think you have received a phishing attack:

  1. Do you know the sender of the email? If yes, still be cautious before clicking a link. If no, do not click any links.
  2. Are there any attachments in the email? If so, is the attachment an executable (a file with the extension .exe, .bat, .com, .vbs, .reg, .msi, .pif, .pl, .php)? If so, do not click on the attachment. Even if the file does not contain one of the above mentioned extensions, be cautious about opening it. Contact the sender to verify its contents.
  3. Does the email request personal information? If so, do not reply.
  4. Does the email contain grammatical errors? If so, be suspicious.
  5. If you have a relationship with the company, are they addressing you by name?
  6. Have you checked the link? Mouse over the link and check the URL. Does it look legitimate or does it look like it will take you to a different Web site?"


For more helpful information about protecting yourself from phishing scams, click on the link below.


Phishing, etc.


Let me know if this helps!





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