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Reversing the order of ATT e-mail


Reversing the order of ATT e-mail

How do I reverse the order of ATT e-mail to show new mail at the top of the messages in my Inbox?
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Re: Reversing the order of ATT e-mail

hi roger!

open your inbox. look for the column labeled DATE. just click on the drop-down arrow next to it to sort your emails by date.
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Re: Reversing the order of ATT e-mail

There is no drop down arrow near the date column.  Now what?

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Re: Reversing the order of ATT e-mail

In your Inbox just below Delete (which is just below the Calendar Tab) there is a "Sort by Date" item.  Click on that to change your sort order. 



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Re: Reversing the order of ATT e-mail

Also - when you sort by date (or subject, date, sender, etc.) - if you want the order to be opposite you just click the same sort option again!

So if select sort by date and the most current emails appear at the top, but then you decide you want the oldest emails to appear first - just click the sort option a second time.  It works with all the sort options.

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Re: Reversing the order of ATT e-mail

ajimmo asked what to do if no arrow appears.


I have time to time noticed that the arrows are not visible (or I think because arrows are so light in color the symbols blend into the background).


I just go ahead and click on the words such as "sort by date". A menu will drop down and I can select the sort filter I wish to use (sort by:  date, sender, subject, unread, attachments or starred).

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