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Retrieve sent email (from client app) using webmail interface (like Exhange/OWA)


Retrieve sent email (from client app) using webmail interface (like Exhange/OWA)

I have MS Outlook as a client email app on a local PC. When I am away from that computer, I would like to be able to access the emails I sent from that computer, using the AT&T webmail interface. Essentially, it would be like using an Exchange server to access ALL my messages from anywhere, whether using a client app like MS Outlook or a web interface like Outlook Web Access (OWA).


Is something like that possible in this setting? Obviously, the Outlook-sent emails have to pass through AT&T's email servers (where they continue to be stored), and the emails which are sent using the web interface do not go away unless deleted by me.

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Re: Retrieve sent email (from client app) using webmail interface (like Exhange/OWA)

1) Your Outlook has options that say "Leave a copy on server" "Untill I delete". These options are not checked by default. In theory, you can have an unlimited number of email clients all checking your email if you have set it up like that. But if one email client does not have those options checked, when that client checks email, it will delete the server emails and would not be able to be seen by other clients. 

2) If you do create an email on outlook, you will not be able to see it on other email clients. (limitations)

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